AI Wars: Google Assistant vs Siri vs Alexa


Quite clearly, the future of technology is headed towards Artificial Intelligence. Many of the top tech companies have already launched their own personalized AI assistant. But in the world of AI currently, there are currently only three top players – Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa.

But amongst the three AI, which is the best?


First of all, we need to understand the fact that all these AI are specific to specialized OS. For example, Apple’s Siri will only work on iOS or MacOS devices. Google Assistant will work only on Android devices and Amazon’s Alexa works on Echo smart speakers (and the HTC U11)

In the case of Echo, Amazon has been putting its Alexa OS on many other devices such as a smart speaker range from Sonos. Google has also expanded the range of Google Assistant to many of its products – such as Chromebooks, Pixel tablets and Google Home.

In the case of Siri, it would seem that Apple really wants to tightly bind the user to the so-called Apple eco-system. So you can find Siri exclusively on Apple products only.

Alexa has an edge here, followed by Google. Siri, not so much.


In terms of capabilities, it is quite clear that Google has invested a lot of time and money trying to hone its assistant to its users’ needs. Google’s massive data collection on so many users has helped Google in shaping the entire AI to be more human-like than the competition.

Amazon’s Alexa is quite popular in the Echo range and also on other smart speakers. Alexa has also been developed using the large data collection servers by Amazon to make the interaction between the user and Echo seem more human-like. But try as it might Alexa cannot compete with the Google Assistant in terms of giving the most correct responses to questions asked to it. Google’s superior algorithms definitely win over Alexa and for that matter any of the competition that is out there.

When we see Apple’s Siri, which incidentally was the first widely marketed AI assistant, we see that it comes at the lowest when compared to both the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Simple tasks on Siri such as asking sports match results or opening a certain app on the device are mostly hit and miss.

This is partly due to the fact that the Apple ecosystem is pretty limited and that means that they don’t have the luxury of Google’s big database. Apple has vowed to improve its assistant over time through software updates ,but it remains to be seen how successful the company actually will be.

Google Assistant is clearly the winner here, followed closely by Echo. Siri? The less said the better.

The results based on the facts would roughly stand in this order:

– Google Assistant

– Alexa and

– Siri.

Others, such as Samsung’s Bixby and Huawei’s AI assistant will also look to take on these three in the future. But for now, the landscape is dominated by these.