Apple Mac Pro Will Only Launch in 2019, Design Being Shaped by Pro Community


The Apple MacBook Pro is a laptop which attracts a lot of attention. Over the years however, the laptop’s brand image has going down the drain due to some poor design elements and increasingly high and frustrating pricetag.

The Mac Pro, on the other hand, was considered as a revolutionary product from the Cupertino-based tech giant. The portability along with great performance and a reasonable price tag made the Mac Pro a very good option for on the go work. But the Mac Pro has not gotten a worthwhile upgrade in quite some time.

The last time we heard about any kind of upgrade to the Mac Pro was back in 2015. However, at a roundtable discussion last year we heard that the Apple might be reviving the Mac Pro with more processing speed and a better chipset with more storage and RAM. The product was to be launched at Apple’s annual WWDC 2018 summit.

Launch Delayed

Now it is being reported that the Mac Pro might not make an appearance at the WWDC 2018 event. As a matter of fact, it would seem that Apple is now going to launch the device next year around the time of October.

In an interview, Apple has revealed to TechCrunch that the iMac Pro will now ship in 2019 stating that the Mac Pro may affect the rest of its pro-focused products, including the iMac Pro.

As per what Apple has said in the interview, a new team which will be called as the Pro Workflow is going to be created soon. The main objective of this team is to coordinate efforts across the Apple’s hardware and software teams.

Apple claims that this coordination facilitated by the team would be neccesary to better ensure that the end product meets the needs of the company’s target audience.

Taking User Feedback

Senior director of Mac Hardware Product Marketing Tom Beger said that “We know that there’s a lot of customers today that are making purchase decisions on the iMac Pro and whether or not they should wait for the Mac Pro.” He also added that the entire marketing team and the Pro WorlFlow team would be very diverse.

Apple’s VP of Hardware Engineering John Ternus will be the one who would interact with the users of Apple devices to better understand the standards that the company is required to meet so as to give the best product.

In any case, it would seem that all Apple enthusiasts would need to wait a considerable amount of time to get their hands on the revamped Mac Pro. Is it going to be any good though? Only time will tell. However,  we have come to expect great things from Apple products.