Apple’s Dominance In TV Shows


Apple is considered as a style quotient standard by many users. While many believe that Apple products are highly overpriced, but only the users and also the TV shows actors know that the price paid is for the premium Apple experience.

This just makes Apple products the most desirable products in all of the media industry. It is quite common to see that many actors in TV Shows and movies using Apple products – such as an iPhone or a MacBook. An Apple product immediately demonstrates a class that is far superior to other products.

It could very well look that Apple is paying TV Shows to use its products. However, Apple doesn’t have to do anything like that, as we can clearly see that the status quotient is established by the person who is using the Apple product. iPhones in particular, have been the most used products on TV, while in the desktop department we have seen nearly all the famous TV Shows’ using a MacBook or an iMac.

Behind The Hype

Apple hasn’t become the most valuable company overnight. A careful market strategy and advertising campaigns that run around its products along with their niche audience, have catapulted the demand of all its devices. The premium Apple experience is what TV shows are actually after when they use the iPhone, even though it can be said that there are several phones out there which can be considered to be better than the iPhone.

It can be said that the point is Apple products have carved out a product space for themselves in the media industry. The brand strategy from Apple has actually been one where they get free marketing of their products from films and TV Shows. Use of other company products is done mostly when external payments have been provided for the advertising of the said product.

Apple’s Walled Garden

Steve Jobs had built Apple as a tightly knit company which only catered to its premium customers. Once you are hooked on to the Apple Ecosystem it is quite difficult to leave. Apple has designed its products to be such that users can easily switch between different Apple devices with extreme ease. This particular quality has made the Apple products very easy to handle in movies.

Though now Apple has products ranging across different price bands, they can be considered the best in the industry because of the high standards that Apple holds in creating its products. Any news on Apple devices catches global attention and one can also say that Apple products are easy on the viewer’s eye as well.

This is not to say that other smartphones or laptops are not good looking. It is all about the brand value that Apple provides which is why it can be said that Apple products are a class apart.

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