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Oppo A71 Launched

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has recently made a massive wave in the Indian smartphone market scene. Almost everywhere nowadays if anyone says the name...

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The Use Of iPhones In The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a tale of a group of friends and lovers in California's scientific community. Recent years have seen it take...

5 Famous Cricketers And Their Gadgets

If you're among the top professional cricketers, you're going to be getting both money and fame, at least here in India. So it doesn't...

The Big Phone Theory

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Redmi 5A Gold edition goes on sale

Xiaomi has come up with the Redmi 5A smartphone - which has been introduced in a Rose Gold edition for the first time outside...

The Redmi Note 5 Pro Is Here

Xiaomi has always been at the helm of delivering the best hardware at perhaps the lowest prices in the market. In the budget segment,...




Is Facebook Listening To Your Conversations?

Many of us feel like we've had this odd experience, wherein we mention something in a face-to-face conversation or phone call, and suddenly we...

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Samsung New Year Carnival

Samsung New Year Carnival (12th-19th January)

Are you looking to grab the latest Samsung smartphone? If it’s a ‘Yes’, then you are in luck! The Samsung New Year Carnival has...

The Super-Cool Mi Exchange Offer!

Last Tuesday, Xiaomi announced the ‘Mi Exchange’ Programme which allows smartphone users to trade in their old devices for a new Xiaomi smartphone. Powered...