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Best Ways to Hide Apps in Your Android or iOS Phone

Most Android devices don’t have the stock ability to hide apps, so no matter what you’re looking to do, you’ll probably have to resort...

Mobile Masala

Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones: A Quick History

It all started out for Samsung when Apple launched the iPhone and took the smartphone market by storm. Up until then, Samsung had its nose deep...

The loudest smartphone speakers in the market

In today’s era of blazing fast internet access, consumers have migrated to streaming a lot of video content online. Music is fast becoming a cheap commodity online with...

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Vivo X20 Smartphone

Vivo X20 teaser reveals new features for the upcoming smartphone

The V7 Plus was announced on 7 September, but it seems ViVo has something special in store for its home market. There have been a few Vivo...
iOS 11 release date and key features

iOS 11: Release Date and Key Features

iOS 11 is the eleventh major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc., being the successor to iOS 10. The first beta version released to developers at the company's Worldwide Developers...




Mi Mix 2 to launch alongside iPhone 8 this year

Mi Mix 2 to Launch Alongside iPhone 8 This Year

The successor to last year's bezel less Xiaomi bezel less phone - the Mi Mix 2, has been announced. Interestingly, it will be launched on the same date...

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The Cashify App

Sell your used phone at Cashify this Diwali season

If you are one to keep up with tech, there would most likely be a bunch of old phones stored away somewhere in your...

Best Smartphones to Buy This Diwali

This Diwali 2017 season has seen the launch of some great devices, and other older devices are being offered at insane festive offers. Needless...