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10 Life Experiences That Smartphones Changed Forever!


The launch of iPhone in 2007 set every aspect of life in motion even though it did not put a mobile in everybody’s hand instantly. Looking at the pace at which the technology is being developed, more than one-third of world’s population will own a smartphone by 2017 and number of people who own smartphones will surpass the number of people who have access to running water by 2020. And here’s what it’s leading all of us to!


Car Drives

There was a time when people bonded every time they went for a short or long drive. But now days, smartphone addiction has risen to an extent wherein the taxi firms are also coming up with Wi-Fi enabled cars. Imagine!


Fun At The Dinner Table

This does not include dinner at home alone but also dinner at restaurants. Conversations were unavoidable at the dinner table but no sooner one person takes out the phone, the entire table puts their heads down.


TV Time

No sooner than the first ad turns up, everybody goes into the mobile mode. Why bother? We can always browse that particular episode on internet and watch it of course, on our so smartphones.

Young Businesswoman Using Cell Phone During Meeting --- Image by © Matthias Tunger/Corbis
Image by © Matthias Tunger/Corbis

Office Meetings

You would be lying if you say that you haven’t used your mobile under the table. We understand urgent emails pop up all the time but face to face interactions as equally important as well. Mark a mail or set a reminder for this as well!

Video Courtesy: Being Indian


Living in the moment remains a forgotten concept ever since everyone got busy with capturing it. Let’s not forget the rising trend of taking a selfie. And oh! Selfie stick it a must!



Bedtime Conversations

This is the time when people used to talk upfront and up close. Thanks to smartphones once again, this situation is completely out of focus. If you’re reading this, you might as well wanna zoom in on this one!



The entire essence of a vacation is to explore new things, meet new people and enjoy the new experiences. The new definition of vacations has it that people take holidays to get connected with those who are not-on-holidays. Well done smartphone!



After all, updating the status on social networks is way more important than watching the live action and missing all the fun. It’s like so close yet so far!


The New Hanging Out!

Have you heard about the new type of hanging out? It’s called hanging out with silence & smartphone. It’s high time we switch our lives to general mode from silent mode. Suit yourself with vibrating mode if it works for you!


New People? What’s That?

This is why even work places have concepts like team-building programs. With the rise of social media networking, there is nothing left to be talked about. True that!

While discussions are still on whether internet is a boon or a bane, it is very critical in this generation to realize the impact of internet when combined with smartphones (sell old mobiles here). Having said that, these are just ten out of many situations wherein smartphones connect us to the internet but disconnect us with the reality.

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