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10 Tips and Tricks for Android Lollipop

"Flagship smartphone” means simply the most powerful (and expensive) model in a company's line-up.

Android Lollipop has convincingly established itself in the market now, with almost all devices now running this latest version of Android. While 6.0 Marshmallow is still pending release, we’re still going to be using Lollipop for quite some time. So why not make the most of it? Here are the top 10 features of this world-class OS:

#1 – Guest Mode

Security is the only thing which everyone want from the device. So, here is a huge step towards securing and maintain your phone the way you like to. There are 3 Guest modes that user can set up:

First is user account i.e. your main account.

Second is guest account which will not at all record or save anything that anyone will do in this account

And the last one is the profile account in which user can restrict or disable any app.


#2 – We love Easter eggs

Lollipop has a tribute to the most popular 8-bit game flappy bird. To unlock this Easter egg just go to Settings-> About Phone -> Tap on Android version four times and you will unlock an Easter egg. Then tap the android several times and you will get to the Google’s version of Flappy Bird.


#3 – Smart Lock

In this world, being smart is the most important thing starting from human to the phone itself. Now google made the lock smart as this lock includes face unlock and unlocking the phone with trusted Bluetooth or NFC connection.


#4 – Screen Casting

Screen Casting is very important feature for those who were desperately waiting to use their Chromecast dongle with their phone. This let the phone to transmit whatever is there on the phone screen to the dongle.

#5 – Throw away hangouts as default messaging app

The previous version of Android stuck hangouts as the default messaging app. This annoyed many users but now there is an option to decide between any messaging app the user wants to use it as default.

#6 – Screen Pinning

Screen pinning is the brand new feature which lets any app to get pinned at the multi-tasking screen to keep that particular app on-screen no matter how many times home soft key is pressed.

To enable this just go to Settings-> Security and scroll down to see Screen pinning toggle.


 #7 – Do Not Disturb

DND has got its way to this new Operating System. Lollipop now lets the user not to be disturbed by any remainders or when and who can contact between a specified time. To enable this, navigate to Settings-> Interruptions.

#8 – Reboot doesn’t kill the background apps:

Before this, Rebooting the android meant a clean-state, but from now on, rebooting will preserve the background apps for user to make it more convenient.

#9 – No disturbance With an Incoming Call

All of the phone gamers get annoyed when ever any phone calls interrupt their game. Android Lollipop has got its way through this by making the phone call just a small notification and letting the user to continue the game without any disturbance.

#10 – Tap to wake

Android Lollipop has a huge bundle of features in which one of them is Tap to wake. Now, users don’t have to press the lock screen button to wake up the phone. Simply,  tap the screen twice to wake the phone up.

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