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Screen Repair All Your Vivo Phones, And The Oppo A37 For Just Rs 999


Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has been competing in the mid-range smartphone segment for a while now, with counterparts such as Xiaomi and Vivo. Oppo also happens to be on the forefront of innovation in the global smartphone industry. The brand has introduced a device with three pop-out cameras and the biggest screen-to-body ratio yet and has called the device Find X.

Its close cousin – Vivo – seems to have been heading the boat for smartphone innovation ever since CES 2018. It introduced the first FHD+ display back in 2015, and it was also the first to introduce the in-display fingerprint sensor on a device.

While Oppo has made mechanical moving parts in a phone mainstream again, and has done it before the likes of Samsung and Apple, Vivo has ensured Gorilla Glass displays on nearly all its devices. However, just like any other phone in the industry, their smartphone screens are not shatterproof. These screens are still vulnerable to getting cracked and damaged much like in any other smartphone. The smartphone repair industry hasn’t traditionally been a positive place. Repairs can be unreliable in screen replacement and finding a source with genuine parts (and inexpensive pricing) is quite hard.

From high priced repairs at official stores to concerns about fake parts and data thefts at the unofficial ones, it’s always been a sector where you’d be more likely to be ripped off than not. Luckily, things are about to change with Cashify’s ScreenPro.

ScreenPro is a home-delivered screen replacement service that promises reasonable rates, genuine parts and peace of mind. The service is offering display replacements on the Oppo A37, and all Vivo phones, at a price of just Rs 999.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Visit the ScreenPro website.
  • Now, select your city > pick the Vivo or Oppo brand > select any of Vivo’s phones (or the Oppo A37) > select the colour of your device.
  • Hit Go, enter your mobile number and the ScreenPro OTP that you will then receive.
  • Hit Submit, you’ll see the price estimate for your smartphone’s screen repair. 
  • Then type in the code OPPO, or VIVO depending on your device, and watch the price drop to just Rs 999.
  • Select an appointment time and date of your preference, fill in your address, and hit Continue.
  • Review the details on the next screen, and confirm your screen replacement.

That’s it. Now wait while ScreenPro’s expert technicians arrive at your doorstep, use genuine parts to repair your broken smartphone’s screen, and do it in your presence for the reasonable price we promised you. Was repairing screens ever this easy before? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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