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3 Ways To Record Your Android’s Screen

3 Ways To Record Your Android's Screen

Quite a few online Android tutorials have now started to implement the practice of recording what’s appearing live on the phone. This was earlier not possible and the reason was partly the lack of hardware to support this kind of ability. But with the jump to 28nm and quad-core Tegra 3 chips, Android has certainly grown to be able to record itself. Here’s how you can do it.


If you have a device which is running on the Android 4.4 and your phone is rooted all you need to do is to download a free app from the Google Play Store called Rec. It is a beautiful, modern app that captures video of up to 1 hour and can even record Android sound it runs in the background and you can use it to record gameplay.

Software Development Kit

The most technical, geekist, yet the surest way to record Android screen video – via Android’s own SDK. Now it is an extremely geeky method to record apps but is perhaps the only full proof method. The table below mentions the instructions you can use if you’re using the SDK.

DU Recorder

If you have an Android 7 or higher, you can choose DU Recorder. It’s free, lightweight and doesn’t come with any recording time limit or other such restrictions. First install the app from the Play Store. Launch it, configure the quality and frame rate. Once done, tap on the Record button and DU Recorder will start the recording. You can now do whatever you want on the smartphone’s display.


As is obvious, it isn’t too hard to record your Android device’s screen. If you’re using any other app though, make sure it’s safe. Or at least, have an antivirus installed.