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The 3D Touch: Innate, Instinctive and Insightful!


A phone will now be able to sense the amount of pressure a user applies to its display just by one touch. Adding another feather to its cap, Apple has introduced the all new “3D Touch” in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Though this feature already exists on the MacBook trackpad as well as the Apple Watch, 3D Touch is believed to be the next generation of multi-touch.




3D Touch is one of the turnkey improvements in the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus so far. It has brought about an innovative change in the way one interacts with their iPhone. 3D Touch brings a new facet of functionality to the entire iPhone experience.


With the addition of 3D Touch, iPhone now has gained the capability of responding to subtle taps. This refers to the fact that users can now see as well as feel what a press can lead to. iPhone already comprises of familiar multi-touch gestures like that of Swipe, Tap and Pinch. In addition to these gestures, 3D Touch has instituted a brand new feature known as “Peek and Pop”.


Peek and Pop


In simple terms, Peek and Pop saves a lot of time and energy for the users by allowing them to preview all and any kind of content before they decide to act upon it. The unique aspect of Peek and Pop is that the users can preview the content without actually opening it.


This means that with the slightest of touch, one can now peek at their emails before opening the inbox and click a new picture while viewing the ones already clicked, etc. Later on if one wants to open any of the email, image or any program for that matter, pressing further a bit deeper will lead you to pop into it.


Quick Actions


Apart from Peek and Pop, 3D Touch also introduces “Quick Actions” that enables the user to do the regular and the most common things faster and in fewer steps. Most of the Quick Actions call for just a single touch and function directly from the home screen. For example, texting to favourite contacts, start the camera instantly, etc.


Though 3D Touch is simple to use, there is a lot more than meets the eye in terms of engineering that is exceptionally sophisticated. As mentioned earlier, with the slightest of a touch, one can now turn the keyboard into a trackpad, multi-task even faster and experience pressure-sensitive drawing.




The capacitive sensors are capable of measuring microscopic changes in the distance between the cover glass and the backlight instantly. Since 3D Touch functions throughout iOS 9, iOS further uses such dimensions to enhance users’ every day activities more innate, instinctive and insightful.


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