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5 Best Apps for file sharing, Sharing made simple and easy


Gone are the days when we needed laptops and desktops to transfer our data to phone for file sharing.  We all come across some point where we need to share a bulk data with our friends or it happens like we need to send some urgent document or important web link instantly but we are out of connectivity of data and can’t Whatsapp or email it to them which lands us in trouble but technology again covers for you here. Today we suggest  our readers some useful files sharing apps which everybody needs in their day to day life.

Superbeam (Android/iOS)

Superbeam_Files sharing app

Got no internet connection on your device? No problem. Superbeam uses Wi-Fi Direct technology to send and receive files between devices, and it truly works like a charm.

How to use?

Open the app on two devices you want to exchange the data with and you can trade files just by scanning on a screen QR code or pairing them over NFC. And here’s the best part about Superbeam, it can push unsupported files to an iOS device (say MP3 file) and it will remain available for you to be saved to your cloud storage accounts. Not just this you can even share them through mail or some other apps. Superbeam also offers a desktop app for quick file transfers which is the paid version of the app.

N.B. As iOS restricts file management to the camera roll, so one can only be able to share photos and video from their iPhone or iPad. On Android, you can share images, music, apps, documents and even contacts.

Pushbullet (Android/iOS)

Pushbullet_Files sharing app

If your work constantly requires the privilege of sharing photos, screenshots and notes between my desktop browser and your phone for work, then Pushbullet is the perfect companion for you (available in both iOS and Android).

Pushbullet’s browser extension lets you send links, files and text to multiple devices at once. It also automatically grabs the page you’re currently browsing so that you can easily share an amazing article like this with the tap of your fingers.

Pushbullet’s mobile apps allow users to send your push messages and files to friends who are also using the same app. The UI is very similar to other chat apps and one can get hold of it very easily. However, you’re restricted to sending one file at a time and that too has some restriction of size in the free version, which could be a pain if you want to share a bunch of photos or a mixtape’s worth of audio tracks. But you shouldn’t worry much, PushBullet’s paid version can help you out in that scenario.

Xender (Android/iOS)

Xender_files sharing app

Xender is much like Superbeam but there are few differences. Users can connect to their device if they are on the same network as their computer, or you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot from their smartphone and connect to it. Xender’s desktop interface is all business.

However, Xender’s desktop interface is all business. Users can view all the images, videos, music, documents and other files stored on your device by switching from one tab to another. For the android mobile version, it  helps to send APK files to other devices which are stored or installed in their phone. This app is free for both iOS and Android, users just need to follow a couple of on-screen steps to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and its a very smooth process further. This method works with a group of up to four devices at once.

Radon (Android)

Radon_Files sharing app

If you constantly keep on recommending some dresses or appliances or any videos from YouTube or even any other web links to your buddies, Radon is a perfect companion for you. Install Radon and you’ll find the app listed in the share options when you want to beam across a link or selected text. To receive the links, others just need to have the app installed and fired up in their devices and most importantly they need to be in close proximity since there’s no pairing involved. One can send the same link to multiple devices at once, as long as they have the app running on their device.

This app uses a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and near-ultrasonic audio, found in Google’s Nearby API to make this happen. While it is not that good at handling files like photos and video but it’s great for quickly sharing small amounts of data, particularly when they are sent to a bunch of people at the same time.

Cashify (Android/iOS)

Cashify app helps transferring files

When it comes to data transfer, how can we miss our latest feature launched. Cashify has launched the Data transfer feature which can migrate data between 2 devices, irrespective of Android or iOS operating system. Pretty easy to deal with too! The user can get the sharing option in the Cashify app. One phone sending the data has to be marked as ‘Sender’ and the other device receiving has to be marked as ‘Receiver’. The user can select the data to be transferred seamlessly and it will be done within minutes. This feature is very useful if someone has purchased a new phone and wish to transfer the old data to their new phone.

Likewise, you can also upload your data in Cashify cloud, which is 100% safe and secure and does not stop you from uploading any amount of data. This data can be later accessed using Cashify app only and can even be restored in any phone. For more information, you can check our blog article here: /blog/store-secure-mobile-data-cashifys-platform/

These apps will help you share the data in the most convenient way and after all, sharing is caring. Let us know how you liked these apps. Till then keep your data safe and secured with Cashify.


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