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5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Smartphone Like DU Battery Saver

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Saving battery is a land of snake oil and half solutions. There’s considerable difficulty in finding an app that actually saves you battery since most battery saver measures are manual, including turning the brightness on your screen down, turning down the frequency that apps sync data, and other tried and true methods.

In most cases, battery saving apps are just kind of placebo effects that do more harm than good. However, there are some apps that can help, so let’s check out the best battery saver apps for Android.


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Amplify is actually a root app with pretty decent features. It functions by identifying and stopping wakelocks. A wakelock is when an app prevents your phone from going into sleep mode – consuming a lot of battery in the process. This app also helps to put a stop to all of that. You can also control apps, alarms, and many other services that could be draining your battery. It is quite easy to use and you can get it for free. There is also a pro version that adds more features. It’s definitely one of the best battery saving apps


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Greenify is a quite popular battery saving apps. It’s main function is that it identifies apps that wake up your phone more frequently. It can also help keep them from doing that so often. The app also will be having modern features for Android Nougat and beyond with Aggressive Doze and Doze modes. Greenify app is useful for both root and non-root devices. Although, you’ll get more functionality and power with root, all of the features are free.

Battery Doctor

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Battery Doctor is also another app in the list of best battery saving apps for Android. This app has promises to make your phone work for addition 70 minutes, with a single charge up. The app is also designed with one-click optimization to also to stop all battery consuming apps. There are also an exclusive feature of the app includes automatic halt of heavy apps when screen is off. This app again shares 4.5 stars on the Play Store.

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GO Battery Saver & Power Widget

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GO is also an incredible battery saving app for Android that dowa extend battery life by enabling power saving mode at all times. The app has a widget that improves the performance and provides users with a personalized UI design. It also will be notifying you about your current battery life when you shut down Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. The app is rated 4.3 stars in its listing on the Google Play Store.

Du Battery Saver

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DU battery saver is quite a popular app in the bunch. It claims to save up to 50% battery. Additional features include a pre-set battery saving mode, phone cooler and a one-click optimizer. Developed by DU Apps Studio, the app has been rated with 4.5 stars.


Cashify’s app is an all-in-one solution that offers, among others things – a battery booster for your phone. The booster analyses apps and processes and shuts down the power hugs to help you get some extra juice on your device. And did we mention it lets you sell your phone, works as an anti-virus, and even lets you transfer data between devices?

You can download it from the Play Store here.

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