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5 Obsolete Technologies Indians Still Use

5 Obsolete Technologies Indians Still Use

India, being a developing country and a highly populated at that, and having a lot of below poverty line population, is a major home to cheap and obsolete gadgets. Cheap gadgets mean that they are old and overtaken by newer advanced hardware. So obviously, Indians use obsolete technology more than any other developed country in the world. Here are some of the most common gadgets and technologies Indians use which are now obsolete.

CRT Televisions


The first TVs to come to the country were CRT Televisions. Televisions were widely accepted by the people of the country at that time. As a lot of the Indian population is poor, when newer kinds of TVs like LCDs and LEDs came out, they could not afford the change or just plain ignored the advancements in technology. This resulted in a majority of people owning CRT TVs which have now become obsolete due to the advent of the LED Smart TVs era.

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Older Smartphones


When the so-called ‘smartphone revolution’ took place, Indians were highly impressed and many shopped for a new smartphone. High end at that time meant a phone with a 2MP camera, 512MB of RAM and a single core processor. High end now means an Octa core processor, 3GB RAM and a 16 or 21MP camera. The older kind of hardware is now not enough to run the latest versions of operating systems like Lollipop. Hence, those phones became obsolete but are still used by a majority of Indians.

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Old Desktops/laptops


The case was the same with computers. When personal computers became popular, there were the old fashioned CPUs, the CRT monitors and the old ‘Ball sensor’ mice. Laptops too were bulky and lacked much power. People purchased all of that at the time. But these devices were succeeded by LCD monitors, better CPUs and ultrabooks. They cost more than the older hardware and thus people eventually settled with the older stuff.

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Windows XP


When desktop PCs came to India, the operating system running on them was Windows 98 or XP. These were immensely popular operating systems and were used in computers for a long time. But as with any other technology, the operating systems were replaced with latter versions like Windows 7 and 8. But as people were habituated using the older software, they never upgraded their OS’s and are still using the same obsolete Operating Systems.

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Reeled Cameras


And like all other gadgets before this, Indians purchased reeled cameras when cameras came out. But then, digital cameras took their place. Camera technology changed and picture quality started to be measured in mega-pixels. Lenses became smaller, faster and better, and pictures were stored on digital memory. But being settled with the older hardware enough, most Indians preferred staying with their good old reeled buddies.


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