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5 Reasons you Should Avoid Free Web Hosting


Why should you avoid free web hosting services? Not that its a taboo to think of free web hosting as an option – of course it is very much in practice especially amongst the beginners. Though best suited only for personal use, and strictly not recommended for professional usage, here are some reasons why you should just pay up for your website:

#1 – Free Web Hosting is a Myth!

That’s because nothing is for free! Everything comes at a cost and so does the “free” web hosting service. The Web Hosting companies provide you with a space on the web server and manage your backened. By hosting an account on the server, you actually buy a share of space on the server which varies according to the service providers.

Now how can you buy something for free?!

The answer is simple: You pay for it the “other way”. The site you host is one of the many sites on your host server. The free web hosting service providers display advertisements on your website. These advertisements generate revenue for operating the sites for the users. You have no control over the advertisement, thus giving your website a clumsy look.

#2 – Unrealistic Offers

Don’t fall for such offers! They make attractive promises,some of which are too good to be true.The prime purpose of free services here is to give you a taste of their features before you actually buy them, and therefore advice to upgrade once you are there.

If you look at the features of an average Web Host service provider, you may find a handful of features for a free member and a lot many for the premium ones. Features like:
● Unlimited monthly traffic quota
● Unlimited number of domains hosted on each account
● Limitless file size(upload)
● Significantly fast server speed
● Unlimited Disk space
● Site builder
● Site back up
● Customized 404 messages
● Password protection
● Security
● Custom domain names
are not found in case of free services. With free offers, you will be limited to very few “basic” services.

#3 – Ruins Professional Reputation

The online presence of your business reflects your reputation in the market.Following are the ways how free Hosting ruins it all for you. When you register as a free service provider, you get a subdomain name instead of domain name.Your URL will have the following format :

Where hostname stands for the service provider’s name, thus hampering your professional image.

The emails from a free Web Hosting account are spammed and thus will land among the spam mails of your prospective customers and similar. Also the email address is sold away to a large number of users and spammers since such a service comes without a guarantee,the providers are always looking for ways to make money with minimum resources.

The Search Engine Optimization rejects free hosted websites in its search results as a consequence of “third level” domain name.Thus,the very use of subdomain affects the Search Engine results in such a way that the rank of your website goes down considerably.On the contrary, in case of premium membership, you can embed the keywords of your content and push it’s rank above in the Search Engine results. Another drawback to working under subdomains is that you cannot install plugins.

Some of the most well known names in the market that provide premium services to boost your ranking in search results are:

  • Hostgator
  • Blue Host
  • Small Orange
  • FatCow

#4 – Services that suffer

The Hosting providers can withdraw their services at any point of time! Of course,that can happen with premium services too, but you have the option to download your entire website and then continue with some other Hosting provider,which is not the case when talking about the “free” ones.

The free service providers will notify you about their withdrawal and take down their services, thus taking away the website and the entire data along.In that case you’ve lost it all! Your important business data,and your efforts to build that data over your website, all gone in vain.

Compromise on security


Another service that suffers when talking about free Web Hosting is the security of your website and related data. You don’t want to risk the data that builds your business!

The free service providers will spend the least on security service, because you use their services at your own risk. Such servers are prone to hacking, sometimes to an irreversible extent!

Your blog isn’t actually your own!

You can’t exercise your freedom to sell, share or transfer your blog to anyone if you are not a premium user! The terms and policy that most of us skip clearly states that “No Resale of Services” is allowed. In any of the above cases, your services providers will shut down your account.

Cumbersome Traffic Issues

And just in case your blog goes viral all of a sudden! Now that’s a bad news for you when it should have been a good one.Your server might crash due to all the traffic it has got as a result of it’s sudden popularity. Also the loading time is very high,and leaves the visitors frustrated waiting for the content to show up.

#5 – Credibility

The very idea of free hosting gives your visitors a chance to question your credibility. If you are not serious about your business,you will fail to draw customers into your business. The web world is one great opportunity to advertise your business and you don’t want to lose out on this opportunity at the cost of your budget. Also the reputation of your website is majorly affected by the kind of users you share your server with. If your co­-users are of bad repute,chances are that you might be mistaken as one of those on the web world.


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