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5 Reasons to Cashify Your Phone

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Are you a gadget freak who likes to invest in new smartphones every now and then? Why not sell your old phone on Cashify to get yourself a better deal on your next purchase and maximize your savings?

Here are 5 reasons you should trade in your phone on Cashify:

1. Ever thought your old phone can be of any use?

Month-end and you are totally broke? Ever thought your old phone can actually pay for your weekend trip to Kasol or even fund 20 beers for the upcoming boys’ night out? Crazy! Also, if you’ve been eyeing something online lately, you can choose shopping vouchers as a payment method and get minimum 5% extra on your device price! How lovely!

2. Oh so convenient!

Cashify uses standardized processes to check the device conditions and comes up with a fair price for the same. This saves you time and stress, both of which you’d be spending in significant amounts at a physical shop.

3. How about upgrade instead of repair?

Bluetooth conked off? Screen shattered? Instead of spending a quarter of your phone’s price on getting parts repaired, reselling your phone allows you to upgrade to superior handsets, giving you more bang for your buck.

4. Let’s spread some good karma!

There’s also good karma involved when you’re cashifying your phone. Your device is likely to be refurbished and resold to other individuals, who will not have to spend an unreasonably high amount on a new device. Thus you’re helping subsidize smartphone purchases for others. Good work!

5. How about a cleaner Earth?

Enough damage done by hoarding your e-junk at home till now? Get rid of that pile of gadgets NOW via Cashify and earn cash right at your doorstep! What’s more? You can rest assured it will be refurbished or recycled responsibly. Yayy! Finally, you did something good with those old devices!

To unlock the best price for your old device, click on the button below:


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