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5 Reasons Smartphones Don’t Last Long

5 reasons smartphones dont last long

If you are not an early adopter who cycles through smartphones every now and then, you’ve undoubtedly felt the daunting feeling of a loss of performance in your current device. And this isn’t just an Android vs. iPhone issue. Users on both sides have often complained that their phones just aren’t as fast as they once were.

It’s quite possible that your device has slowed down and there are several potential causes. Let’s list down some factors and the reasons why smartphones no longer last long.

OS Upgrades

When you first bought your device, it probably came with an older version of its operating system. It could be Android 4.4 KitKat or iOS 7, both of which released in 2013. When those OS versions came out, they were developed with a certain set of hardware specifications in mind.

Nowadays, hardware specifications have drastically improved. Features have been added to both Android and iOS. These improvements are made with the latest hardware specifications in mind. Current versions of an OS require more computing power and resources for a smooth experience.

App Updates

All new software can succumb to something called “feature creep.” This refers to the continual adding of new-yet-arguably-unnecessary features, and mobile apps are some of the worst offenders. Even so-called ‘lightweight’ apps can quickly become bloated over a period.

But as a matter of fact, the real tragedy is that many of the developers aren’t mindful of the resources used by their apps. In fact, as the overall device hardware improves, developers will tend to get lazier as far as resource management goes.

Background Apps

Another reason your phone becomes slower is because of multiple application installations. Most of the time we do not realise the number of applications we have installed on our phone. The numbers might surprise you!

The problem is that some apps run in the background although you aren’t actively using them. For example, email apps keep checking for new incoming emails while messaging apps await new messages. Also, animated live wallpapers and home screen widgets drain the battery.

Memory Degradation

Almost all the mobiles and tablets run on flash memory, which is a kind of solid-state storage medium and it has no moving parts. The most common type of flash memory is called NAND. While NAND is quite fast and affordable, it has a few quirks that can impact performance.

First, NAND memory becomes slower as and when it fills up, and needs a certain amount of ’empty blocks’ to operate at peak data-writing performance. The speed loss with full storage can be significant.

Multiple reasons can affect the performance of your device. We have just talked about a few of them in our article.

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