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5 Reasons You Should Cashify Your Smartphone


It is that time of the year – new flagships are launching, and you want one. So you plan to sell your smartphone, but you are confused as to what is the best choice to make in these situations.

You can’t go to online marketplaces because you can’t say if you won’t be ripped off. You can’t go your local vendor because you know for a fact that they will rip you off and make huge amounts of profits at your expense.

You feel that your hopes of buying a new device are dwindling and you cannot get rid of your old device. However, there is still yet another option for you to consider. This option will not only give the best possible price for your handset but also rid you of the effort to get out of your bed to sell your device.

We are obviously talking about Cashify and how it makes cash-for-phones as easy as possible. Here are 5 reasons for you to consider Cashify as an option.

#1 – Safety

Cashify is the safest and most secure option for getting you the best possible price for your smartphone. There is no middle party involved, and Cashify prices for your used handset are the highest in the market.

#2 – Ease

Cashify is easy to use. The prices are generated based on the condition of your smartphone, the manufacturer and the brand. To know all this Cashify puts you through some very easy and basic steps. The price is generated via computer algorithms, so there is nothing to worry about. The same phone in the same condition will fetch the same price. No ripping off!

#3 – Doorstep Pickups

The cash is delivered right to your home and you don’t have to go anywhere. That is correct. Just open your laptop, get the correct price quote and select your home or office address. The Cashify executive will come straight to your place at your convenience.

#4 – Reliability

Cashify executives are all professionals with extensive experience in the industry. You do not need to worry when Cashify’s sales executive comes to your place – they’ll analyse the phone as per your report, and wrap up the resale in no time.

#5 – Additional services

Apart from all the sales benefits and the convenience of home delivery, Cashify also offers screen protection and phone insurance. Just head over to Cashify’s website and if you have recently purchased a new phone, you can just buy Cashify’s warranty pack which will provide insurance for certain kinds of damages.

Or if you have already got a phone which has a damaged screen, then Cashify’s ScreenPro service will get your screen repaired at nearly 40 percent less cost than the industry standards.

It doesn’t end there. You can avail a discount of Rs 200 right now if you head over to Cashify’s website for repairing and phone exchange.