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5 Technologies that Mobile Phones Killed


We apologize in advance if any of you feel nostalgic after reading this!

Mobile phone, a device invented to aid communication, because a landline could not be accessible at all times, began its journey over 20 years ago. Over the years, the so called cellphone, has come a long way and is still developing at a very rapid pace. It also got a change of name (though that came more as an evolution), owing to extreme development- the smartphone. The smartphone, as even a nutter would know, became immensely popular and is now a multi-trillion dollar industry all by itself.

Now in 2015, even small children can be seen with a smartphone in their hands. Almost everyone owns one. The reason smartphones are liked by all so much is that they help in not only communicating but also in a variety of different chores. The smartphone, quite literally, replaced many technologies and gadgets we humans used a while back. Here are some of the common technologies the smartphone replaced.


Mobiles have replaced cameras

Anyone clicks their Instagram selfies on digital cameras these days?


Everyone use their smartphones as both their camera and editor to make their selfies more lively and vivid. The good old cameras now belong only to the photo enthusiasts and those who like to click the best of pictures without compromising any aspects. Digital cameras were famed for high resolutions in the range of 10-21MP. But now, these resolutions are a common thing on smartphones.


Pagers got scavenged by mobiles

Remember those days when there were no mobile phones and we would all go around the town with pagers and ping someone to call us from a landline when we needed them to? Those days are long gone though. The advent of mobile phones ensured that owning a pager became pointless. Why walk around with a device when all it can do is ask others to call you, when you can call them by yourself using a mobile phone? That was the end of the pager. Poor guy? Nope.

Desktop Computer

A mobile is basically a PC in your pocket

The desktop is dead. The smartphones today come packed with a hell lot of power. Processing power once only reserved for the big machines, is now easily found on relatively small smartphones. All of the desktop’s power and speed goodies like multi core processors, 64 Bit memory transmission, ample GBs of RAM etc have been brought to smartphones. Owning a phone with a large display, using a desktop these days becomes pointless. Majority of people, who used to do all their work on desktops, now do all that on their phones.


Flashlight apps on all mobiles!

A simple gadget, the flashlight – a device used to aid in low lighted places and finding that lost SD card below your sofas. Well, now no one actually uses it, unfortunately. All because of that small yet powerful LED doubling as a camera flash behind your smartphone. Most people just download a flashlight application on their phones (comes as a stock feature on Android Lollipop!) and enjoy the satisfying feeling of investing their hard earned money on something as handy as their smartphone. A flashlight app is just another app on your mobile phone now.


The timeless, precious, time teller is now almost dead, thanks to the smartphone. Yes, we do own watches, but hey, most of the times, the only device we use to know the time is our phone. Not just the time, but our smartphone helps us with all the time related stuff like alarms, stopwatches, timers and what not.

To give you a slight idea of how watches are dying out, did you know that watch sales have slowed down by about 7% since two years ago? Now, more than ever, it’s the people who have luxurious inclinations that go for watches. Even then, it’s the higher end watches that sell.

Guess the end of the beautiful time piece is closer than we thought.

These were some of the most loved devices of a time which were killed due to the rise and rise of mobile phone technology. In short, the mobile phone is a serial killer and needs to be punished by spending some extra time in your pockets.


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