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5 Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphones

things to do with your old phone

As the market booms with a wide variety of Smartphones, we always need an upgrade, while the old ones end up in the corner of our closets.

But that’s not how the life of a smartphone should come to an end. Instead, you can repurpose your old buddy’s contribution in 5 practical ways.

1.    ReCycle

Recycling is a great way to get rid of your old Smartphone which is all the reason you can make to buy a new one. According to the survey conducted by Lookout, 62% of the American household have old unused smartphone lying around, which can only pile into some sort of unwanted e-junk.

2.    Re-Sell

Why settle for nothing when your old device can earn you cash, and a big leap to buy your next cool gadget. So if you are ready to replace your old phones for a new one, then it can be instanly accomplished on Cashify. Simply, download their app on your Android or iOs device, and it will instantly quote a price based on practical parameters.

3.     Use it as a GPS tracking device.

Your old smartphone can very well be used to guide your way as a dedicated GPS tracker, mounted in your car or bike, and navigate using apps with offline routing features, without depleting the battery of your fresh smartphone.

4.    Exchange

Exchanging your old phones for a better one is an excellent option. It’s a great news for someone looking to exchange their old rickety rackety device.

E-commerce sites like Flipkart provide options on exchanging your old phones at a discounted rate for the new one.

5.    Save the World

There’s an app named BOINC which connects to all the computers around the world, to act as a universal super-machines and in return updates you about amazing things like the issues related to asteroids, environmental research etc.


We found the above points to be the most practical resolutions for re-purposing your old phone and driving the best value for its remainder life. But those of you who are looking for an upgrade or cannot stick with the plan of re-cycling or re-using, can always have it sold on Cashify.

The sale is guaranteed without any hassle of contacting buyers or bargaining, and in next 48 hours, you will find the quoted price right in your hands, while your phone gets to serve someone else’s need. Sounds like a happy business!

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