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5 things to consider when buying a used smartphone



Not everyone wants to buy a brand new handset off the shelf. Some of us folks have no problems taking our favorite smartphone used, specially if it meets our needs. But used smartphones come in large varieties – and picking the wrong one can prove to be very costly. Here are some things you should check on before you make your payment

#1 – Check for Damages

Inspect the smartphone thoroughly before you buy it. Check for all types of physical damage like dents, cracks or even worn out edges. You must also thoroughly check the basic functions, like:

– Calling: The primary function of any phone is to make calls and receive calls, if this function has a problem, then buying the phone is completely redundant.

– Camera (front and back): Almost all smartphones have both a primary camera and a front facing camera. We all click photographs and we all click selfies. We need both the cameras. Even if video conferencing is one of your requirements, then you must have a functioning front camera.

– Functioning of soft keys: Many phones have soft keys for “Back” and “Settings” or for the app killer on the main body of the phone and not on the screen, so their responsiveness also needs to be checked. Even other keys like Home, Volume, Power must also be checked. Some phones may have a dedicated key to click photos, then that too must also be verified.

– Responsiveness of display: Given that all smartphones have a touch screen display, which is quite susceptible to damage

– Speaker: The clarity and volume of the speaker must be checked. If doesn’t work altogether, then the phone is quite pointless, unless you want perpetual silence and want to be distant from the world, in which case a smartphone or any phone for that matter would be a waste of money (*hint: sarcasm). When inspecting the calling function, you must also check the mic output and the incoming receiver speaker clarity and volume.

– Ports- Charger and Aux: These are the 2 basic ports in any smartphone. If you’re phone doesn’t charge, it’s as good as dead. The Aux port too is quite necessary, even if you don’t listen to music, you may want to connect a headset while talking to someone.

#2 – Trusted Source

Before making the purchase – inquire around to make sure you’re not scammed. Trust only reliable sources, or resellers that do a good job (like ReGlobe).  If the seller seems shady, or is an unheard of source – then there are chances of the phone being a stolen one. You might even end up with a smartphone heavily damaged on the inside, only to find out later!

#3 – Check if Stolen

There are many ways to check if the phone you’re buying is a stolen one or not:

– Bill: The most obvious and straightforward way to tell if the phone is NOT stolen is that the original bill is also there.

– IMEI: You can also see the IMEI numbers of the list of stolen numbers to if the bill is not there.

– Android Device Manager/ Other Apps: There are many ways to track a smartphone. Android Device Manager can be used to track phones and erase all the data.  Android Device Manager tends to be in most Android phones by default, so for Android devices it’s the most reliable way to find out if the phone is stolen. For iPhones – the equivalent is Find My iPhone.

#4 – Wireless Reception

Wireless reception is a crucial function for smartphones. We practically live off WiFi whenever and wherever it is available. Bluetooth is also necessary to transfer files, especially larger files which can’t be sent by email or a messaging app. If the phone has NFC, then check that too so if you want to pair it with an NFC device, you can do that too!

#5 – Market Research

Check other stores for alternatives – you could end up finding the phone you want in a better condition, or better price, or both! Look up sellers online, where you can avail a better pricing. Also figure out if the phone is future-proof and won’t be rendered obsolete quickly. If it is a generation old, check the actual market price to see if you’re getting a good deal.



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