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5 Things You Can Do With Your Smartwatch-Smartphone Pair

Source: ConsumerReports

In recent years after the introduction of the Apple Watch, the industry is brimming with competition. Everyone is trying to do one up on the other. But the best buddy to a smartwatch is a smartphone. Many manufacturers of smartwatches, like Apple and Samsung actually make more easy compatibility options on their respective phones with their own smartwatches.

There are quite a few tricks one can accomplish with their smartwatch and smartphone. Here some of the things that you can perhaps try out if you happen to buy any of them.


Quite a few smartwatches now come with LTE connectivity options inbuilt inside. For example, the Apple Watch Series 3. However, for those who have bought a watch that does not support any mobile connectivity, you can now just pair your smartwatch with your phone via Bluetooth. Now if you wish to call anyone, most smartwatches offer the entire contact list of the phone on the screen. Just click on your contact and speak to your wrist, and the device will call your contact for you. Now, this feature is available for most of the smartwatches, but exceptions can always be there.


Many smartwatches come with inbuilt memory, which can be connected via a Bluetooth headphone to listen to music. However, if you have a smartphone lying around then you could connect the smartwatch via Spotify or Soundcloud to play some online music which can be related to your work out, running or jogging.

Measure your fitness

Many of the smartwatches are now being manufactured keeping in mind the fitness and health of the users. Various smartphone apps are now coming which work in sync with the smartwatch for tracking movements and heart rates. These apps can then provide metrics and suggestions about the user’s health and fitness condition.

Quite a few smartwatches are now also coming with waterproof design as well. There are several apps which can now also track your swimming movements like the number of laps the user has completed in a swimming pool.

Get weather updates

While connecting your smartwatch with your phone you can also get the weather forecasts and updates on the go. This is quite useful if you are running or jogging or working out and do not want to reach out for the phone. All your weather updates can be seen here.


Watches including the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S series have inbuilt payment mechanisms for NFC payment. Just connect to your respective Samsung phone or iPhone and start paying. You can store up to five card details on some devices.