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5 Unusually Eco-friendly Gadgets


Talk about saving the environment, and you’d likely picture recycling gadgets, reusing items, and having a less overall impact on your natural surroundings. Sure, selling your old smartphone for recycling is an idea many people are increasingly taking up – but there’s a whole new set of eco-friendly gadgets that are entering the market.  These particular gadgets have gained quite a bit of popularity lately, but here we list out 5 more gadgets which run on pretty unusual sources of energy.


ibamboo gadget

#1 – iBamboo Speaker

Working on a phenomenon that we all studied in school, this speaker for the iPhone 4/4S/5 is built wholly out of bamboo. It uses resonance to amplify the sound produced by the iPhone’s speaker.  Although the concept is simple, engineering it to perfectly match the audio output frequency of the iPhone must have been tough. Check out the product here.

#2 – BioLite Campstove

biolite gadget

Perfect for one of those barbeque nights or camping trips, the BioLite Campstove is used to create that soothing bonfire, and charges your cell phone while at it! According to the note on the official website of the product, “The heat from the fire generates electricity via a thermoelectric generator to power a fan creating airflow for improved combustion. Surplus electricity is sent to the USB port for charging devices.” Now THAT is resourceful! Check out the Campstove here.

#3- J3K Ionic Toothbrush

j3k gadget

Brushing without toothpaste. Sounds a bit preposterous (and unhygienic), right? Well, this gadget aims at proving you wrong!
The ionic toothbrush has a tiny solar panel at its end which helps generate energy from sun rays. Electrons are generated which move along a wire to the semiconductor titanium rod near the bristles. When combined with water, these electrons trigger a chemical reaction that helps break down plaque and attack bacteria in the mouth! So that implies: No toothpaste, no extra hassles. Neat!

#4 – NoPoPo Liquid-Powered Batteries

nopopo gadget

Taking the concept of rechargeable AA batteries to the next level, the NoPoPo (acronym for No Pollution Power) battery charges on any type of liquid – be it water, iced tea, Red Bull, or even your own urine for that matter. The battery comes with a syringe, which one has to fill with the liquid of choice.
The chemistry behind this ingenious gadget is complex. There is a mix of Magnesium and Carbon within the battery. The liquid oxidises Magnesium, thereby generating a current. Therefore, its value is limited. However, it’s still a cool concept.

#5 – Orange Dance Charge

reglobe_orange_dance gadget

Okay, so we’ve all heard of mobile chargers that can be powered by pedalling your cycles. What if you’re more of a runner? Or if you like to dance? For them, telecom company Orange, in association with GotWind, have designed the Orange Dance Charge.
It uses a simple concept – movement of the arms produces kinetic energy, which is harnessed by the Orange Dance Charge band. It then utilises this energy to help in recharging of any device via USB – most particularly phones and MP3 Players.
Simple, yet effective. A great energy tool/gadget for all those joggers and dancers.


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