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5 ways to cut down on your smartphone bill


How often do you remind yourself to take it easy with all the calling and texting that you do on your smartphone? Remember the time of the month when you receive your bill? While some may say that the best workaround to an expensive smartphone bill is to switch to a better telecom plan, others may just believe in austerity. But you don’t have to do indulge in all that and face all that hassle. Heck, you don’t even need to change your telecom plan.

The global average price for an SMS message is $0.11. But there are ways to bring that cost down to a fraction of that number. ReGlobe brings you some popular, great ideas that  cut down your smartphone bill without having to do much. Here’s how to save:

#1 – Use Free Online Services for making Phone Calls/Texts

If you’re not using any of these services already, you’re likely to be suffering from serious disconnect with society. With cheap data packs and high calling rates, everyone is switching to free online multi-platform alternatives for basic mobile functionalities like calling and messaging. It’s time you make the switch as-well.

  • Replace phone calls with VoIP and Video-Calling solutions
    • Skype –  Text, voice and video chats. Group calling and calling landlines is also available at an extra cost.
    • Viber –  Free calls, texts and location sharing
  • Replace Texts with IM solutions like
    • WhatsApp – Real time messaging, group messaging, audio notes
    • Google Hangouts – Unified messaging across GMail, GTalk, G+. The same conversation – on all your devices. Our personal favorite. Read our review here.
    • WeChat –  Live Chat, Group chat, Video calling and push-to-talk
    • Hike – Similar to WhatsApp. Apart from that, you can send Texts to non-hike users

#2 – Activate Special Plans/ Data Pack

Most of the service providers these days provide Special plans and rate-cutter schemes.

On your service provider’s website you’ll see plans for lowering Local/STD call rates, free Text packs, 2G/3G packs etc. Depending on your usage, activate a pack. These packs tend to be cheaper and save you a lot of money.

Using any of the following tools, you can estimate your monthly/daily data usage and opt for a data plan that suits you best.

Free Data Usage Calculators : AT&T / Vodafone / Tata DOCOMO

(You can use any of the above mentioned tools. It doesn’t matter what service provider you are with currently.)

#3 – Use WiFi

Do you use up your data plan trying to update apps? Ain’t nobody got cash fo’ that. Use a WiFi connection wherever you can. Download Apps, Games, Music, Pod-casts using WiFi only. These tend to large files and hence consume a lot of your data.

Most of the apps will have an option to download/stream over WiFi only. If you’re using an Android smartphone, in your Play Store settings choose the option “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only”. This way, the app updates will only be downloaded over Wi-Fi.

#3 – Un-subscribe to unwanted paid services

Call Customer Care and find out if you’re being charged for unimportant services on your smartphone. You may have accidentally subscribed to a paid service, such as sports scores, weather information, daily horoscope or Masala Jokes.

I recommend you discontinue these services. As a replacement, you can find FREE apps/widgets for your smartphone.

#5 – Manage Data consumption on your smartphone

There are plenty of apps which run in the background and unnecessarily consume a lot of data off your smartphone. You can restrict these apps to only run on WiFi or even set limits as to how much data they can consume.

Using Onavo, you can set your monthly smartphone bandwidth cap and get alerts before your data pack gets over. It also has the ability to restrict apps to Wi-Fi only, or turn 3G off entirely if you’ve exceeded your data cap.

Download Onavo Count : Android / iPhone

Happy Now?

There you have it – 5 ridiculously easy ways to bring down your smartphone expenditure. Now save on all that cash, and go buy yourself a pizza. You’re welcome.


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