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5 ways to extend your Android’s battery life

5 ways to extend your Android’s battery life

Android is home to an excellent range of smartphones. They’ve got big bright screens, they’ve got unique designs, and they’ve got features we can’t do without. But they don’t have powerful battery backup. Thinner bodies, and faster quad-core processors running in the background result in notoriously low battery life on most Android phones. But every problem has a solution, here are 5 from us – to extend your Android’s handset battery life.

#1 – Reduce the screen brightness

The brightness of your display is perhaps the biggest power consumer. Either dim your screen brightness or use the auto-brightness feature. Auto brightness mode uses less power and automatic adjusts the screen’s brightness to suit ambient lightning levels.

#2 -Turn Unwanted Wireless Systems Off

All Android phones have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and LTE. Location based apps are notorious battery hoggers. You don’t Bluetooth unless you’re connecting to a certain device, or even NFC for that matter. Similarly, use Wi-Fi more than 3G or LTE since it consumes significantly less power.

#3 – Disable vibration

Vibration is a huge power sucker. You use it not to miss important calls, but unfortunately vibration uses more power than we’d like. Try enabling a louder ringtone instead of vibration. This also extends to notifications and haptic feedback on the keyboard.

#4 – Close down apps running in the background

Even if you aren’t using any app, it may continue to run in the background and reduce the durability of your battery. You should shut them all manually. From Settings > Apps, swipe left; a list of running apps will appear. Tap on each to close it down.

#5 – Turn off notifications/background sync

The constant flow of notifications and updates from apps drains your battery life. Either turn off notifications, or disable background sync on apps you don’t use frequently. You will see a noticeable impact on battery life.