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5 Ways to Keep Your Smartphone from Wearing Out


Let’s face it -we can’t survive without our smartphones. The smartphone has not only become important, but essential. Many depend on it for office work, documents like that Excel sheet or making that Skype call.

Many love their smartphone for its portability and easy access to the Internet, and games of course. But how do you take care of it? Keeping in mind, the heavy use that virtually all smartphones go through, it’s important to find ways to not wear it out.


First, we need to take care of the battery, the heart of it all. Upgrading to the latest software, keeping a check on our usage statistics, optimizing settings by controlling the brightness, turning off push notifications, minimizing use of location services, turning flight mode on when travelling through low-coverage areas are just a few tips to keep your phone’s battery running smoothly.

Factory Reset

Over time, our phones get loaded with apps, many of which are unnecessary. But they take up a considerable amount of space anyway. Phones with microSD card expansion can allow storage for many of the apps. This may help us in doing a factory reset at intervals. While many of us dread the reset, it is undoubted in its ability to improve phone performance, thereby making it last longer.

Screen Protection

Another thing we don’t appreciate is a screen guard. One fatal fall is enough to ruin the screen and a screen guard really comes in handy.


So does a phone cover which protects the phone from dust and water. Remember, that cover may not look very stylish but your phone doesn’t need all the dust falling on it.

These are just a few basic yet unappreciated rules to keep your phone from wearing out early. After all, you don’t need to spend early on a new phone if the present one lasts longer.

But just in case your old one hasn’t hung around you long enough, it may be time for you to sell it for a new phone you’ll truly protect. Do it on Cashify in 48 hours!