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5 Windows Phone features we need on Android


Most Windows Phones have a fast and user-friendly OS. Its integration with Microsoft-linked products gives many users, particularly working a lot with Windows products, a reason to consider this integrated mobile platform. What about Android users though, especially those migrating from Windows Phone? We could do with some of those. Here are 5 Windows phone features we need on Android.

Integration and Support of Microsoft

People used to Microsoft’s services and software would be glad to know that Windows Phone works well also with Outlook.com, OneDrive Skype, Xbox, and OneNote. Windows Phone comes with free Office in the OS itself, unlike Android. The mobile version can also be used for on-the-go professionals. There is the option to view and edit, Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents straight on your Windows Phone without external apps. There is also integration with OneDrive and users can save their compatible files on Microsoft’s cloud storage service.

Social Media and Email Integration

Windows Phone is on with its mission to build an end-to-end product experience for all its customers, and has got a rock solid built-in social media hub that they use. The People Hub also gets updates from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Rather than having individual apps one by one, all your friends’ status updates and notifications can be instantly viewed within the People Hub.

The Facebook integration on Windows Phone makes it better than Android while tagging pictures. It also helps you to use your phone contacts as the tags. There is the option to switch between Facebook chat and normal text messaging with your contacts on Windows Phone.

Play your XBox games on Windows Phone

If you have an XBox, then Windows Phones have the perfect XBox integration to get the most out of your games, even on low-RAM devices. Microsoft has been working hard to integrate the Xbox functionality, which means that you can work with your console avatar and gain points, while checking your Gamerscore, message your friends and see your Avatar.

All Devices are consistent

Android phones come in so many shapes and sizes, so at times the performance and quality are always in question. Windows Phones on the other hand work well on every level from the entry-level Lumia 520 to the high-end Lumia 1020 without giving any noticeable lag whatsoever. The minimalist design approach can be seen in all Nokia’s Lumia range of devices which are known for best build quality.

Versatility of Live Tiles

Windows Phones can give users the ability to pin whatever they want and how they want. Instead of the widgets, every app on your home screen will act as a Live Tile. You can get a quick glimpse of what’s been happening on in each individual app. Also you can see from time and weather via the weather tile and notifications through the Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS and email all from the main screen.

The Android Widgets are separate entities and having custom made looks which are designed by their developers. These designs thus can hardly go together aesthetically, especially without any form of standardization. The tiles, on the other hand, will blend and complement the overall aesthetic feel perfectly and can also change dynamically.