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OnePlus 5: Is It Time To Upgrade?


After a lot of hype and anticipation, the latest flagship from the Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus called as the OnePlus 5, has been finally unveiled in India. This time the makers of the smartphone have put extra focus on the camera and overall aesthetics of the phone, giving it an absolutely premium and plush feel.

As is usual, the OnePlus 5 aspires to be the next flagship killer, with top-of-the-line innards, premium cameras and redefined design language. Many may believe that OnePlus developers have copied straight from the iPhone 7 Plus. However, for the price range it comes in, the OnePlus 5 has the potential to make all the major smartphone companies make a run for their money.

Is it worth your money (and upgrade decision) then? We covered the device on first impressions previously. Now, let’s delve deeper and find out.


The OnePlus 3 was introduced in a metallic design. The same design language has been taken forward to OnePlus 3T and now to OnePlus 5. The build of the phone features slight curves at the edges on the otherwise smooth as silk matte finish. The smartphone is touted as the slimmest OnePlus flagship device with a thickness of 7.25mm.

It has a type-C port alongside a 3.5 mm headphone jack at the bottom. There’s an alert slider at the side and a volume control and lock screen at other side, the same as on the OnePlus 3T. The display also remains the same at Full HD. In a time where all the flagships offer at least a 4K display, this was a slight let down by the company. Nevertheless, full HD too is great on the eyes.


The camera department has improved dramatically from the OnePlus 3T. The rear end of the device houses two dual cameras both of which have a Sony lens. While one is a 16 MP f/1.7 aperture camera the other is a 20 MP f/2.6 aperture telephoto lens. The telephoto lens enables the user to take a portrait mode photo just like the iPhone 7 Plus. The initial review of the camera looks promising and is cited as a major improvement over the OnePlus 3T. Don’t be surprised if it ends up featuring as this device’s USP.


The OnePlus 3T had the greatest specs at the time of its launch in terms of performance. The OnePlus 5 continues the tradition as the smartphone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. It has Snapdragon X16 LTE modem supporting data speed of up to 1 GBps, coupled with an Adreno 540 graphic processing unit (GPU).

The smartphone comes with two storage and RAM variants. One features 64 GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM, while the other offers 128 GB of storage and a whopping 8 GB of RAM. This is possibly the maximum RAM ever offered in a smartphone. Both variants support dual-lane Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.1 for superior performance.


The OnePlus 5, as is the case with all other OnePlus devices, will run on the company’s own Oxygen OS. Oxygen now features a Google Pixel-like app drawer, which can be accessed from any window now, without going back to the home screen of the device.

The company has also added to the OS a reading mode that adjusts the screen temperature setting automatically. The fingerprint sensor in OnePlus 5 is placed under the ceramic-coated home button and, the company claims, it could unlock the phone in 0.2 seconds.


With world-class build, awe-inducing specifications powered by extremely powerful internals, the OnePlus 5 is definitely worth your consideration. Despite having deviated from it original price point, the device still offers significant value at its new price of Rs 32,999 and Rs 37,999. This may very well be worth your upgrade, especially if you can get yourself a lucrative deal on it.