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Didn’t finish Paytm KYC? Get Extra Cash At Your Doorstep


Beginning March this year, the RBI’s order, mandating that all e-wallet services complete their know-your-customer or KYC requirements, came into effect. While all these services – the biggest of them being Paytm – went into overdrive encouraging customers to complete the process, all that is easier said than done. For many, the KYC process needs its last step to happen manually – which would mean that many of us will be too lazy to have it completed anyway.

No More Paytm

Since Paytm is the most used e-wallet, it would be safe to assume your Paytm account is no longer accepting your money. For those of you who have done it, good for you. For the rest, it becomes a problem if one tries to get cashbacks or transfer money – especially since many sellers offer cashbacks via Paytm.

So if one is to get some cash for their device or the cashback after purchasing a new smartphone, what is one to do?

Enter Cashify

It’s not like you’ve been cut off from cashbacks without Paytm. You can still choose to skip its KYC requirements, and instead get yourself a better deal with Cashify. Upgrading your smartphone? Sell your older one on Cashify, and our delivery executive will come directly to your doorstep and give you cash in exchange for your smartphone.

The price is predetermined at Cashify’s website and app, where it will be judged on the basis of the phone’s condition and model. There’s absolutely no hassle for the customer, and it’s a win-win process for everybody. In fact, with Cashify’s exclusive ongoing partnership with Apple, you stand to save up to Rs 7,000 on your purchase if you’re upgrading to an iPhone X, by exchanging your older smartphone!

Paytm’s cashbacks surely can wait.