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Why do people not want to sell their old phones? #FayadeMeinRaho


Phones are becoming one of the most important commodities in the modern world. They’re shaping the tech world, and have become an indispensable commodity for people.

Some time ago, mobile phones were quite expensive and people thought twice about purchasing. However, this was nearly 20 years ago. With prices having become far more affordable, everyone has purchased one. In fact, now people just keep on buying phones one after the other and the old ones are either forgotten or handed down to some friend or family member.

Many also (justifiably) believe that the personal data and photos on their devices might get misused after a sale if they’re not careful enough.

But premium devices come at a premium price. What people don’t realise is that the old phones that are just lying around are actually money minting machines of the sort. How? Just sell them. But the problem is that many people consider selling a phone as a big hassle. People believe that there is a lot of traveling and bargaining involved for the customer. They’d rather not get into the process of haggling on a price. In the end, it would seem that they do not get the best price for their smartphone. The stress is simply not worth it.

But what if there was a way for you to get the best possible price for your smartphone with nearly zero hassle from your side? Stay tuned to find out. #FaydeMeinRaho