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Cisco Predicts 990 Million Indian Mobile Users By 2020!


We have all seen the hike in sale of smartphones these days. From vegetable vendors and auto rickshaw drivers to the elite class, mobiles have become more of a necessity. This trend will be witnessing a drastic change as the count for Indian Mobile Users is expected to grow to 990 million by 2020, as per Cisco.




The exact estimates say that the phone users are likely to increase by a 4.4 percent, making the total number of users to a 990.2 million which accounts for about 71 percent of the population. As the mobile users will increase, the data traffic is also likely to get a hike. The mobile data traffic is forecasted to exceed at a growth of twelve-fold to reach 1.7 Exabytes per month by 2020.


With the ever increasing population and of course the distances too, connectivity with the help of mobile phones is what has helped digitization so far. Currently, everything is just a click or a call away. With the introduction of 4G connections in the market, a rise of 144 percent in the number of connections is expected which accounts for 26.2 percent of the total mobile connections.



3G connections on the other hand, are expected to rise from the earlier 15.7 percent to the forecasted 53.6 percent of the total number of mobile connections. Not to forget the need for Wi-Fi solutions and 5G as well will be met in form of various innovations that is to be put to use for security purpose, user demands, etc.


All this is expected to be implemented by 2020 itself which is merely four years from now. Going forward on the basis of current scenario, the future will be filled with technological advancements and more with smartphones!



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