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Oppo Find X Revealed


It is quite possible that the smartphone revolution is here and who better than the top Chinese smartphone makers to start it. For quite some time it was obviously Apple that was the one influencing the design elements in the smartphone world and the most obvious one was the display notch.

Ever since the iPhone X came with the notch, all smartphone companies started copying it left right and centre. Not surprisingly, they were mostly Chinese brands. But the twist here is that they also began introducing some very nifty features in their phones as well.

Vivo, and now Oppo

The Vivo NEX had come with what we call as the pop-out selfie camera along with the in-display fingerprint reader. Now its sister company Oppo has decided that it will be taking things to the next level. Out comes one of the most revolutionary smartphones of all time, the Oppo Find X.

The most important thing about the Find X is the 93.8 percent screen-to-body ratio, which when you consider in the current smartphone market is quite insane. So how did Oppo manage to achieve such an extraordinary amount of screen space? They made a pop out selfie camera, curved the screen on the sides, just like the Galaxy S9 and added a very small bottom bezel.

An All New Architecture

However, the entire mechanism of the Oppo Find X happens to be quite mesmerising. Unlike the Vivo NEX, which has popped out only the selfie camera on the top, the Find X actually has the entire top bezel moved up. This reveals not only the selfie-camera but also the dual-camera system on the back of the device. So, in reality, you actually have three pop-out cameras on the phone which actually look very futuristic on the phone.

Apart from that the smartphone also happens to have the top of the line hardware specs such 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of internal storage and also the Snapdragon 845 chipset. The phone does not have any fingerprint reader and so the only way to unlock the device is using the faceID like feature. This means the camera has to pop out every time you unlock the phone. In a world like this, it just doesn’t feel like a very durable option.

Although it isn’t as of yet clear exactly how long the motorised mechanism has an expectancy in long-term use. This is mostly because it is in fact quite easy to spot dust in the form of pocket lint gathered on the camera tray. Hopefully, Oppo has worked on some sort of weather sealing here to prevent dust from seeping into the internal components.

There’s no wireless charging, but this beauty does pack in a 3,700 mAh battery with support for the Oppo VOOC quick charging system. While you wait on the upgrade, selling your current smartphone on Cashify should make it easier on your wallet.