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Here are the advantages of recycling your phone!


The three R’s of sustainable development, most of us know about them; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. With the advancements in technology in this modern age, these steps have become easier and complicated at the same time.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about recycling is old rubbish and stuff which is not usable anymore. This is actually a misconception as even good and working things can be recycled. Recycling today’s tech is very advantageous to you, others as well as the environment. Let’s find out how.

Reduced Costs

The most interesting of the pros of recycling cell phones, or any other tech for that matter is that the more you recycle old and worn out devices, the lesser the costs of new handsets become. Yeah, you heard us right; the costs of new devices are significantly lower if they are manufactured using recycled products.


Check out any new device which is manufactured using recycled products and you will be surprised by the lower costs they are tagged with.

Quick Cash

Many new brands encourage users to recycle their old handsets with promises of returns to the user in money or in the form of discounts in buying new handsets. This is an awesome bonus for the people of this generation.


This not only encourages recycling but also increases the demand and satisfaction of the users.

Environmental Benefits

In this era of environmental degradation and depletion, the need for eco friendly ways of life has increased to a peak. At the rate at which we are consuming energy and raw materials nowadays, we won’t have anything left to use in a few decades. The only cure for this is recycling.


Recycling your old handsets will not only decrease the amount of energy consumed for manufacturing a new set, it also reduces the amount of raw materials required to almost null and makes way for more output from less input.


Some manufacturers of phones give away recycled phones, turned in by users, as charity in developing or underdeveloped countries to underprivileged people. Some others give charity in other forms from the amount they saved while manufacturing phones using the recycled materials. So those of you who like to work for social welfare and help people, this is a good way to do it.


These were just a few of the advantages of recycling phones. Keep these in mind the next time you think about throwing away your phone.

So where should you recycle your phone for money?

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