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Alexa To Soon Come On Windows 10


The Alexa voice assistant is nearly everywhere these days, and now it’s arriving on Windows 10 PCs to take on Microsoft’s built-in Cortana assistant. Many of the top tech companies in the world – HP, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer – all plan to integrate Alexa into a range of Windows 10 laptops and desktops being released this year. This would seem to be the next logical step to bring the assistant on thousands of machines.

We can assume a special Alexa app for Windows will become available in the spring, and at CES it was seen that many PC makers appear to put in Alexa on several devices that are capable of also voice recognition. This is to ensure there’s a good experience for the assistant. HP could bring it to its Pavillion Wave PC, which is a sleek desktop PC looking more like a speaker than a computer. Lenovo has also got plans for Alexa on its laptops, and we’ll have more details to share on those soon.

Microsoft-Amazon Partnership

Also, it would seem that this integration is part of the partnership inked last year, which brings Microsoft and Amazon closer together. Both companies promised to integrate Alexa and Cortana together by the end of 2017, but due to a lot of logistic issues, they both missed the cross-platform integration target dates.

The world’s largest e-commerce giant is now pushing ahead with this separate app, which would be including a basic way for users to get the information they need. It’ll feature the online Alexa web interface and also several mobile apps. This new app is also programmed to listen for the Alexa wake word. Or if it is more convenient for you, then you can use a keyboard shortcut to trigger the assistant.

Amazon has been making huge headways in the voice assistant market. Its PC maker partners had been unveiling this new partnership at CES this year, which seems to be a fitting venue for such an announcement. Its nearest rival Google was bringing in a similar aspect to the show in a big way this year, as there were lots of “Hey, Google” signages around the Las Vegas convention centre.

It is quite apparent that 2018 is looking to be another year of intense competition between the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and now Cortana has competition on the Windows side thanks to Alexa. But many of the experts have agreed to the fact that when compared with each other over capability, Google’s voice assistant is superior to Alexa, and by extension to Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s Bixby. It remains to be seen when the Google pushes out for integration of its assistant in popular PCs.