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The rising presence of Android Nougat

Almost 12% of Android devices running Nougat

As with the start of every month, the distribution numbers of Android devices were released. The surprise this time was the numbers of Android Nougat which now runs 11.5% of Android devices, up by nearly 2% from the numbers in June.

While this increase may not look significant, it still represents a steady rise in the number of Nougat devices.

Adoption Pace

11.5% of Android devices may look small, especially in comparison to the 31.9% accounted for by Android Marshmallow. It must be said that Nougat was released in August 2016 and progress in its devices had been slow till June.

The recent numbers have given cause for optimism as one of the biggest problems of the Android ecosystem is fragmentation. Google issues monthly security updates and updates to its operating system. But these updates are not implemented by all carriers.

New Nougat Launches

Despite its problems, Nougat is rising steadily. Recent weeks have witnessed many devices being launched which will run on Nougat, the OnePlus 5 and Moto E4 being examples.

At the same time, a number of OEMs and carriers are making sure the OS reaches even their oldest phones.  This is a welcome change from the usual situation where Google would give out updates to Pixel, Nexus, and Android Go devices, but other carriers wouldn’t follow suit. Compare this to the 86% of Apple devices with iOS 10, and a lot more carriers have to provide Nougat support.

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