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Amazon To Bring Encryption Back To Its Fire Tablets!


The most obvious concern in the online world will always be related to the security aspect. Hence, in the wake of ever rising concerns due to the security of users’ valuable and confidential data, the security of such information cannot be taken for granted.


That’s exactly what had happened with Amazon when it tried to remove encryption from its fire tablets. Naturally, there were lots of hassles and the move drew criticism from different corners. It didn’t go down well with the global users who demanded that the encryption be back to its fire tablets (Sell Old Tablets) with no delay.




In their defense, Amazon stated that they felt this feature was hardly used by the esteemed customers. It was clearly noticeable that in the absence of encryption, the devices would have been prone to cyber attacks.


Similarly, the government can keep a close tab towards deriving information in the event if the device is lost or stolen. Another reason why people raised their concerns and protested even more was that Amazon has lent its support to Apple for bringing encryption safeguards in iPhone 5c while the FBI wanted to remove it.




Even the experts in handling the online security termed the move to be ‘stupid’ taken in haste. However, after much hype, the decision to bring encryption back was taken wherein Amazon issued a promising statement stating that it will be back with the coming spring. The statement seems to have put an end to the speculations and given relief to the rage of customers. (Upgrade Here)


Amazon is a proud brand whose loyal customers show immense faith in the brand globally. Though it was a timid decision, it helped Amazon to bring back the focus on the “security aspect” as it plays a pivotal role in cementing the everlasting relationship between Amazon and its reputed customers.


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