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Amazon Echo Will Start Your Car Soon!


Amazon has established its base in many countries across the globe. Apart from the e-commerce industry, Amazon decided to launch itself into the automobile business in 2016 that is a year after Apple and Google launched themselves in the automotive industry.




Ford, an automobile giant, in collaboration with Amazon has planned to work on car infotainment system sync companionable with the Amazon Echo. This means that just by asking Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, you’ll be able to start your car sitting comfortably on your couch. Alexa could also be told to start the car a specific time or at a particular temperature.




The main aim of the partnership is to connect vehicles to external devices and services like smartphones, cloud services and home-in systems. Don Butler, Ford’s connected vehicles and services executive director, said that consumers want to stay connected to their wheels and this desire would be fulfilled by linking smart devices like Amazon Echo and wink to vehicles via SYNC.




The Amazon integration is anticipated to work in a dual way. Firstly, drivers would be able to speak to Alexa for starting, stopping, locking or unlocking the car. Secondly, it could help with check the fuel level or determine the location of car if someone else is driving the car.



Ford also says that a button is mounted on the car’s steering wheel which could enable you to access Alexa. The home-in services includes that you could ask Alexa whether the garage doors are open or not, the porch lights are turned on or not, etc. Using this it would be easier to control home appliances through your car.





It is clearly seen that Amazon does not want to be left out of the race to control your vehicle after Apple and Google have launched Carplay and Android Auto respectively that allows you to control your car. While Carplay and Android Auto don’t interact between home and car, Amazon’s Alexa will surely use the opportunity to establish its name in the automobile industry.


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