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Amazon Adds Tap & Dot To Echo Family!


The launch of Tap and Echo Dot has added to the celebrations of Amazon since it launched the smart speaker Echo in 2014. As renowned it is, Amazon has never backed down in experimenting with new technologies and delivering the best to their customers.




So, what is Tap?


Owing to the development of technology, next-gen devices are becoming more compact, portable and hi-tech. Similar is the case of Amazon Tap. One can easily carry it without having to plug it often as it comes with a battery that backs up its performance for a long-lasting 9 hours.


Costing roughly about $130, one can connect Tap to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and it also has Alexa digital assistant built-in just like in Echo. The name “Tap” is derived from the functional aspect as one has to actually tap the microphone button since its battery powered Alexa may not necessarily listen to users’ commands.




Echo Dot


As the name denotes, Echo Dot is a palm sized object which is set to sweep the users’ off their feet by bringing quality sound right to their ears. With Echo Dot, one can enhance or transport the ability of echo to different rooms. This piece of technological invention works with far-field voice recognition while keeping a sense of the commands that are directed towards it.




Amazon’s Echo Dot is designed in such a way that it can match one of the features of a full size Echo in terms of possessing 7 microphone arrays. Likewise, being a small device, it naturally has small speakers as well.


These new addition to the Echo family is set to change the world of smart speakers. With the launch of Tap & Echo Dot, Amazon has taken a step forward to give its customers another convincing reason to come back to Amazon yet once again.


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