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Android at CES 2019: A Closer Look


Smartphones didn’t hog a huge part of the limelight at CES this year, but that doesn’t mean the industry isn’t seeing some great innovation. Peer closer at what some of the OEMs showed to the crowds and you’ll see that the Android platform, for example, is readying for a fairly busy year ahead. Here’s a roundup of Android developments you may have missed at CES 2019:

5G Buzz Getting Louder

Source: MobileSyrup

Qualcomm announced a staggering 30 smartphones with 5G support at the event. Samsung even put out a 5G prototype (that no one could touch or feel since it was under an enclosure). With more flagships – including those from OnePlus – expected to launch with 5G support this year, CES 2019 was a clear market of what’s to come in the space.

Digital Assistants

Source: CNet

Digital Assistants like Google’s and Samsung’s are creeping in to more parts of our home. Lenovo launched its Smart Clock – which to be honest, does nothing your phone can’t do. But at $79, it certainly does have a market in people who’d like one by their bedside to help them with commute times, quick questions, and more. These are basically tablets with a speaker – and there were plenty of them on display at CES 2019 – including those featuring Alexa as well. Google Assistant even got a whole new bunch of features which we’ll cover in a later post.

A ‘Mars’ phone

Source: Android Authority

Very interestingly named, Nubia’s Red Mars phone features an LED at the back with 16 million colour combinations, a whopping 10 GB of RAM, and even touch sensitive buttons to assist gamers with their gameplay. Oh, and a decent 3,800 mAh battery too. Nubia was one of those brands that probably wasn’t willing to wait until the MWC for their big reveals.

Android Auto

Source: Digital Trends

Android Auto got upgrades including wireless connectivity, and many more models showcased by OEMs. It’s quickly becoming the most popular infotainment system for cars, and we can’t wait for it to penetrate more automobiles in the country.

Expect more upgrades on the platform later this year, and keep an eye on the Galaxy S10 – we’d expect it to be the trendsetter for this year, releasing February 20th.

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