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Android O May Be Called Oatmeal Cookie

Android O May Be Called Oatmeal Cookie

Google always manages to surprise us by the kind of creative names it comes up with for its Android versions. It largely does succeed in setting the guessing game on fire. It unveiled the new Android version – ‘Android O‘ in March this year and spoke about its features later in May. But what the ‘O’ stands for still remains a mystery. This version is in its third developer preview stage right now and all kinds of guesses are coming around, about its naming. But most sources say that Android O may just be called ‘oatmeal cookie.’

Hints Spotted

The first hint about this name was cited by a website Myce. They have found the mentions of ‘oc-dev’ in Android’s source code. There is a presumption that ‘oc-dev’ could stand for an oatmeal cookie as this word was also seen at Google I/O  in one of their presentation slides.

The latest preview has confirmed this version to be Android 8.0, something that was been kept in the hidings since the first announcement of Android came out. The first developer review came in March, the second preview was dropped in June. Android 8.0 is set to be released in September.


According to Google’s latest update, this newest version of Android platform will come with Google’s next generation pixel devices pre-installed. Rumors suggest that the company has been working on these devices, which they code-named Walleye, Muskie, and Taimen. Apart from this, the upcoming Android version will also include hundreds of bug fixes and the final API level 26.

It will have some unique features like Picture-in-Picture, Fluid experiences, notification dots and Autofill as well. Perhaps it’ll soon be time for all of us to upgrade. Or perhaps you prefer your own custom Android ROMs?