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Android P Third Beta Out For Pixel Devices


The Android P beta was announced more than a month ago at the Google I/O developer conference. While the developer preview for the beta was presumed to be only for the Pixel devices, it later turned out that a whole lot of other devices will also be getting the Android P Beta, including Chinese smartphone makers such as Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlus.

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Other such as HTC, Samsung and LG got the snub, but it doesn’t mean that the devices will not be getting Android P. Although we still are not aware of what Google plans to call the upcoming version of Android, we are aware that what features Android P will bring.

New Design

More recently, however, the third beta for Android P was rolled out for the Pixel devices. While the first beta looked to be a near complete redesign from the Android Oreo, the second and third beta updates seem to have a lot more security and UI related features on it.


In particular, the Android P beta three came with a host of new bug fixes and also various improvements which make the OS experience smoother. Android P Beta 3 (Developer Preview 4) also gives out another major update security wise after it updated the latest security patch for the month of June. Other improvements in the developer three include a better brightness slider a new ‘Clear all’ button in the recent menu and a few other bug fixes.


As it happens, the P Beta 3 is currently only available to Google’s Pixel devices. However, in due time it is expected that other devices which include Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 8 Sirocco, Vivo X21 UD and the OnePlus 6 will receive the update soon. We can also be assured that some of Nokia’s other phones might be getting the developer preview in China.

This also happens to be one of the last public betas that are now available for testing. Google is already fine stroking the final touches to its API’s and we should soon have the stable build for Android P rolling soon enough. However, if you are not a Pixel user then you would have to wait for some time.

Most notably the Android P beta has brought out the support for Display notch that we have been seeing on many devices nowadays after the release of the iPhone X. The UI for Android P looks quite akin to some of the UI’s we have seen in the past Huawei. It would seem that P will be given the name Peppermint and will be released somewhere around the time of August. We shall get more details in the coming weeks for sure.