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Know Why Android Users Switched To iOS!


It has always been a cut-throat competition between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. There are pros and cons that both the operating systems possess in spite of which these are the best OS’s in the market. While one offers customizability to the atomic level, the other offers a lag free and user-friendly OS which is hard to ignore.


Recently, a major shift was witnessed in which a big chunk of users shifted from Android to iOS. Read on to know some of the key reasons that changed the minds of Android users and lead them towards the iPhone.


Lag Free OS


The biggest problem with Android until Lollipop arrived was the UI lag. Load time was too much to be ignored. To remove this lag, increased RAM was required in android devices. This caused frustration in many Android users and they switched to iOS. This happened so because the operating system from the Cupertino Giant is one of the most minimalistic and lightest one.




Ease Of Use


iOS is, by far, one of the simplest operating systems to use in the market. It has lesser customizability when compared to Android devices. The complexity in the UI is also less in iOS than the one found in Android OS.




These are few trades that any software manufacturer has to make. Increased customizability can put a manufacturer at a risk of dropping few notches on the ease of use scale. On the contrary, a tightly controlled OS ecosystem makes it a lot easier to use.


Better Hardware & Software Integration


One of the biggest factors why iPhones beat of the Android flagships most of the times is the hardware/software integration. The hardware of an iPhones is not just made to adjust with iOS as is the case with Android smartphones. Both the software and hardware should be made in order to complement each other.




For instance, the latest 3D touch feature of the iPhone is a perfect example of hardware & software integration. Android on the other hand, has to support hundreds of different devices with the same OS. This makes development and maintenance a lot tougher on the other side of the line.


OS Updates


Another problem with Android smartphones is that of firmware upgrades. Updates take time to get built by manufacturers after Google launches a new OS, as a result of which they are delayed or cancelled in some cases. This results in fragmentation.





Till date, fragmentation remains one amongst Android’s biggest issues. Unless you have a Nexus, your phone is almost never running the latest Android version. This is complicated in countries like the US where carriers take double (or triple) the time to push updates to phones.


It is not the case with iPhones as the OS itself is built to match the instant updates for all models without any hiccups. Thus, these were the few factors that recently made more than thousands of Android users to switch from Android to iOS that portrays how advantageous iPhone is a major chunk of users.


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