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Anti-Theft feature- Cashify will now protect your device [Guide]


What is Anti-Theft?

Anti-Theft is a service provided by Cashify wherein, one can track their lost phone via Cashify web portal. Once you have downloaded our app, you have to activate your profile.


What all services you provide in this package?

1- Alarm: With the help of this feature you can raise an alarm with the help of Cashify website on your phone. You can choose the alarm type accordingly.

2- Send message: Once you have missed your phone you can login to your account on Cashify and send a message to the phone. The message will display on the screen of the phone.

3- Lock & Unlock: If your phone is stolen then you can lock/unlock the phone as per your convenience. You can also change/reset the password of the phone.

4- Phone wipe (SD Card): With this feature you can delete the phone data

5- Reset: This will help you in phone re-boot and SD card data

6- App Icon (Hide & unhide): This special feature will let you hide the Cashify icon on the app with the help of website portal

7- Location Track- You can track your mobile’s location via it’s GPS feature


Do I have to pay for any of these services?

Anti-Theft service is free of cost for it’s Cashify users.


What will be the validity of these services?

This service will be activated on your phone till the time you do not uninstall the app, preventing you from any gadget loss.


What happens if I accidentally delete the Cashify app from my phone?

In this case yet again you have to install the app on your phone and activate the Anti-Theft service.


Will you help me with the legal services also?

We regret that we will not be assisting our customers regarding any legal procedures.


Can I track my phone’s location and how?

There are two ways to send remote commands to your lost device from Cashify’s website:

1- By using the Anti-Theft feature on Cashify website, you can send a text message (SMS) to your lost device from another device.

2- Also, you can raise an alarm instantly when your gadget is lost in order to find its location


How do I get to remotely control my lost device with Anti-Theft service?

Login to web portal and you can perform the accurate actions to locate your phone


Will I be able to locate my phone even if the sim is changed in the phone?

This feature will still work even if the sim is changed. The only requirement would be of Internet service being activated


How to prevent the Cashify app from being removed?

Enable the “Camouflage” feature for the device on your Cashify account via web portal, so the icon disappears from your app drawer (in the mobile).

How do I download and activate Anti-Theft service from my app?



How can I uninstall the Cashify App after activating Anti-Theft?

Step 1
Open the Cashify App inside the Application section under Settings.
Step 2
Click on uninstall.
Step 3
It will show the message- “Can’t uninstall due to administrators permission”. Click on MANAGE DEVICE ADMINISTRATORS.
Step 4
Click on the Cashify app and you will get the option to deactivate.
Step 5
Click on Deactivate. After that you can uninstall the Cashify app.



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