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Apple iPad vs iPad Mini: Which one’s for you?


Tablets are such wonderful devices. They combine the portability of smartphones and the power and size of a PC and provide the users with a very cool experience.

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The Apple iPad has always been a symbol for tablets with its high end specifications and premium design. But Apple has now complicated the game by introducing a smaller version of its flagship tablet, the iPad Mini. How to choose between these two? Which one is better? Or more specifically, which one is best for you? Let’s find out.


Both these devices have the proprietary Apple design which consists of the aluminum body with shatter-proof glass. Both the tablets (If considering the iPad 4th generation) has almost similar design. The only difference is the size.

While the regular iPad has a larger display which results in a larger size, ultimately, the iPad Mini, as the name suggests is built for compact use. It is more portable and will fit in most women’s handbags easily, which as Apple says, is their target.

If you are someone who likes a bigger screen and a larger device, the regular iPad should be your way. If you like more compact and portable devices, the Mini should keep you happy.



This is a field where there is a significant difference between the two tablets which could easily affect your decision of buying one of them.

The iPad Mini, like its name, miniaturizes almost every aspect of the normal iPad, except for well the pixel density. This lowering of specs also implies to a lowering in performance levels. Though the Mini will perform any task you throw at it with ease, it’s still a tad slower than the regular iPad.

If you want the best performance, the regular iPad is the way you should go. But if you just want a premium Apple device which can handle almost anything the regular iPad can handle with a little underdog specs, the Mini will suit you more.


The regular iPad is obviously heavier on your pocket than the iPad Mini, as it packs a few more goodies than its smaller variant. While the iPad Mini will cost you significantly lesser when compared to the iPad, it will certainly not give you all the comforts of regular sibling.

So, it certainly depends on your personal choice for the tablet. What do you prefer? A bigger screen or a comfort fit? Better portability or better performance?

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