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Apple iPhone SE 2 Leaks and Rumours


For quite some time we have been hearing incessant rumours about the next generation iPhone SE, or the iPhone SE 2. There have been several renders and leaks regarding the device but obviously, no one knows anything for sure at this point.

There was a strong likelihood of the phone dropping at this years WWDC 2018 event in San Jose. Alas, all Apple talked over was about what new software innovations it is planning to bring to the iPhones, MacBooks, Apple TVs and Apple Watches.

Status Check

So what has become of this elusive iPhone SE 2? Is it ever going to see the light of day? Reports have indicated that since the phone did not make an appearance at this year’s WWDC, then it will be scheduled for a separate event in the month of August most likely.

Going by the leaks and renders of the device we can assume that the phone will be definitely worth waiting for. Once again the iPhone SE 2 will most likely be targeted towards the audience that prefers having the small screen size but maximum processing power. But if the leaks are to be believed then the iPhone SE 2 is going to be anything but cheap.

The Notch Is Here To Stay

Apple is looking to notch-ify all its iPhones and it looks like the iPhone SE 2 will be no exception. Though the phone will still retain the small frame it has so as to appeal to its niche user base, the screen will be extended to both the top and bottom of the phone, save the notch on the top.

Now it remains to be seen if the notch will have all the functionalities of the iPhone X Face ID system. That seems to be a little too far fetched as the complex 3D mapping sensors in the notch would make the phone uneconomical.

Other Additions

Other things that people are talking about is that the phone is said to have a dual-camera system on the back, though it will not be as good as the one seen on the iPhone 8 Plus or even perhaps the iPhone 7 Plus. However, since the iPhone SE had a decent enough camera we can assume that the iPhone SE 2 is also going to be good.

No fingerprint reader would make the phone quite impractical as secure payment options such as Apple Pay would not be able to make use of the low-quality face ID-like system on the iPhone SE 2.

Now would all these rumours actually hold up to be true? That seems to be another matter entirely. Though it would be really interesting to see all these features in the iPhone SE 2, it is highly unlikely that Apple will oblige us.

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