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Apple iPhone X – 7 Reasons You Should Exchange Your Old Phone & Get This Phone


If you’re not living under a rock, you have probably heard about the Apple iPhone X – the most well recognised (and also the most sought-after) phone in the world. What sets Apple apart is the list of products the company delivers and the quality with which it is delivered. Apple announced the iPhone X last year amongst much fanfare and rumour and priced it at a jaw-dropping $1000. In India, you can get the iPhone X starting for Rs 83,000 while the 256 GB variant is priced at Rs 1.02,000.

But there’s some relief for consumers, as, thanks to the exchange program powered by Cashify – they stand to receive an additional amount of ₹7,000, on the exchange of specific devices at select Apple Authorised Stores. While the offer in itself makes for a compelling incentive, here are 7 more reasons you will want to buy the iPhone X

#1 – The best performance

iPhone X has the best performance ever for a smartphone, period. Apple’s A11 Bionic Chip powering the phone shows that even the recently unveiled Galaxy S9 with its Snapdragon 845 SoC was not able to keep up with the iPhone X on benchmark tests. The device has smashed all processing records and literally smokes the other flagship devices by a huge margin. If you are spending nearly a lakh on the iPhone X, you can be sure you are getting the fastest phone on the planet.

#2 – Nearly the best camera

The iPhone X on paper shows superb camera technology on the phone and for the most part, the device will take the best photos. While a solid contender in smartphone cameras is the Pixel 2 due to Google’s AI technology, the iPhone X does, however, take the best possible videos on any smartphone. It can shoot nearly 240 fps of video at Full HD (1080p) resolution, and with a dual-lens set up, portrait shots are flawless.

#3 – Best design

The totally revolutionary design of the iPhone X is perhaps the biggest reason for you to buy it. With no bezels except for a notch, it feels as though you are holding a giant screen. The display is in fact engineered to ‘pop out’ unlike any other smartphone.

#4 – FaceID

This one is some sophisticated technology for authentication, and removes the need for a fingerprint reader. Just look at your phone and it’s unlocked – thanks to an infrared camera, a flood illuminator that projects 30,000 invisible dots on your face to identify it, and the sensors of course. Contrary to expectations, the tech is speedy and quick, and makes for a good alternative to fingerprint sensors.

#5 – Animoji

The depth sensing modules of the iPhone X are truly amazing and help you send cartoonish versions of yourself in iMessage chats. They are just a delight.

#6 – iOS 11

iOS is considered by many to be the easiest and most sophisticated smartphone platform. With iOS 11 you can do so much more with the iPhone X – it’s now got support for Augmented Reality, and the improved HomeKit support – which will help you build a smart home faster than ever. Additionally, Apple claims it added 91 unique features to this latest version – ranging from a Dark Mode, Screen Recording, and even one-handed keyboards.

#7 – Wireless Charging

If you are paying this much for an iPhone, the device should certainly have the wireless charging feature. And this is one feature that definitely sets the iPhone X apart from its competition. Just place your iPhone X on Qi charging pad and you are done.

Even beyond the 7 reasons mentioned above, the Apple iPhone X is one of the best and most futuristic smartphones ever made, and undoubtedly the best in Apple’s repertoire right now. If the 7 reasons don’t convince you to buy the iPhone X, you can get it for Rs 7000 cheaper when you exchange your device at the Apple offline retail stores. So, what are you waiting for. We’ve even created a handy FAQ for you to refer to, and find your nearest Apple retailers.

If you’re not an Apple enthusiast however, there are still plenty of options for you. Click here if you need to know our take on the top premium smartphones you can buy. While you’re at it, you can get yourself a good deal there as well – Cashify allows you to exchange your smartphones instantly for cash at the best price possible. We provide cash delivery right at your doorstep, and along with warranty options for your devices.