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Apple Leak Hints at Massive iPhone 8

Apple Leak Hints at Massive iPhone 8

In the latest of a string of leaks for the upcoming iPhone 8, MobileFun provides a clear look at the design of the upcoming Apple phone. Which might also be called the iPhone X if rumours are believed to be true. The leaks come in the form of Olixar cases for the iPhone 8 which are already up for pre-order.

Smaller body, larger screen

If the case leak is to be believed then the new generation iPhone will feature a smaller body than its predecessors, but a far larger screen. The leaks show an almost bezel-less, massive 5.8-inch elongated display which is incidentally the largest panel ever fitted in an iPhone.

There’s a vertically aligned rear dual camera, and no home button – which has raised the suspicion that the home button will be integrated into the display. There’s also what seems to be a cut out at the top of the main display for the front camera and sensors.

It also seems apparent that Apple will be sticking to the lightning port instead of the Type C port. This, even though it offered the same connection in its latest Macbok Pro and there’s no return for the headphone jack. There have also been rumours circulating for quite some time about the wireless charging feature which Apple plans to introduce in the phone.

Coming Soon

But Apple would likely be looking to produce a show-stopping device for this year, not just because it’s the 10th anniversary of the launch of the original iPhone, but also because of recent releases from competitors. The annual iPhone launch event will most likely take place in September this year.