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Apple likely to launch cheaper MacBook Air & HomePod this year


Apple has been launching a new MacBook every year for the past 5 years now, at its Keynote presentations at WWDC. But every year it has been increasing prices (and reducing ports) on all its laptops. This hasn’t gone down particularly well with users who prefer to have a lot of connectivity options on the MacBook. The latest iteration of the Macbook just had one port.

There was a lot of public outcry and outrage over Apple’s policy of removing ports. Enter John Ivy, the Chief Design Officer for Apple, who had been absent for the past 3 years to work on the Apple’s new centre. It would seem that with the return of Ive, the new MacBook’s could have the design aspect all fans are waiting for.

Source: Analyst Report

KGI Security Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that Apple will be looking to launch a “more affordable MacBook Air”. He has said that shipment of MacBooks should be growing by up to 10-15 percent and it has been quite some time since the MacBook Air, the most sold laptop of Apple, has been substantially updated. More precisely it has been nearly three years since we last saw any significant change in the MacBook Air.

It is possible that the new MacBook Air might come with a Retina display to give more crisp and clear images than before. Also, it would seem that Apple will be looking to change the hardware of the device as soon as possible as the processors are now quite outdated. The reduced price of the laptops has now been estimated to be around $899. There is a lot of new changes we can also expect in the keyboard. It is possible that the keyboard might come solded with the motherboard.

Apart from this, there might also be some kind of upgrades to the connectivity options on the laptop such as the inclusion of more number of Thunderbolt 3. The overall bezels around the display might also change. We shall have to see more when the device launches.

New HomePod

There are also reports of a new HomePod coming this year. The sales of the previous version have not been so good, due to its limited compatibility outside the Apple ecosystem. For instance, the HomePod cannot be paired with anything else other than an iPhone or a MacBook or an iPad.

There is also no Bluetooth accessibility or any kind of smart home connectivity. You cannot stream music from anything apart from Apple Music. This has made the HomePod vulnerable to criticism., We don’t know what new we can expect in the upcoming HomePod, however, we sure know that it will be priced  between $150 and $200. Also it would seem that Apple can make amends to the HomePod so that it is accessible by a wider range of people and that way sales can also increase.