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Apple Macbook and iMac Sales Have Beaten Estimates


In the latest annual earnings report from Apple, Tim Cook spoke about how the Macbook and iMac have broken all expected sales expectations. The Cupertino giantdeclared sales of 4.29 million units of Macs, up slightly from the same period in 2016.

Growing in a Contracting Market

Gartner’s preliminary statistics, published July 12, showed Apple rising one spot to end the quarter in fourth place with 4.24 million units shipped to vendors and sold to customers directly. The estimated performance was down 0.4 percent compared to last year, when the company sold 4.25 million Macs.

Cook declared in the earnings conference call that the Mac’s volume worldwide has grown seven percent year-over-year. Cook also noted that the growth was despite IDC’s latest estimate of a four percent contraction in the PC market.

The revenue for the iPad on the other hand has been quite stagnant despite the impressive sales rise in this quarter. They have managed to amass a revenue increase of only about 2 percent.

The Mac department had the opposite experience to the iPads: significantly more revenue from only slightly more unit sales.

Smartphone Numbers

The same estimates have put Apple and their actual sales as capturing 6.9 percent of the world’s smartphone market share courtesy of the iPhone.

Also the company claimed that the iPhone sales have gotten up 2% and revenue up by 3%. The eminent launch of the iPhone 8 may well boost the sales of the company which has reportedly priced the new iPhone as the most expensive Apple phone of all time.