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Apple Releases iOS 11.3 Update


Apple has finally announced the iOS 11.3 update for all iPhones that start from iPhone SE and above. Though there a host of new things that are going to be introduced, the primary question that people are concerned about is – will Apple provide you with the choice to opt for slowing down your device to conserve battery life?

The answer is yes. Apple was embroiled in one of the biggest scams of the decade when users found out that Apple was intentionally slowing down iPhones to conserve the battery life. Since the iPhone is Apple’s trademark product and also the source of most of its revenue, this betrayal did not go unnoticed in the tech world.

Apple was berated quite vehemently on the internet, with many people boycotting its products until Apple did something it had never done before. Apple apologized for the very first time in the form of an open letter and vowed to introduce some measures to ensure that the customers are never left in the dark again.

Battery Health Preview

To gain the trust of the angered iPhone users, Apple had stated earlier on that the beta version of its iOS 11.3 operating system would give the users a preview of how the new features to show battery health is going to work and when will it recommend if a battery needs to be serviced.

As was expected in the final released official version of the iOS 11.3  this feature was added and it is actually pretty straightforward. This new feature can be located in Settings > Battery > Battery Health (beta).

When you enter the battery mode, you will be greeted by Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability options. To those who don’t understand these terms don’t worry. Apple has provided a special page where it ha explained the meaning of each term and what it means for your battery capacity.

More Updates

Along with this, Apple is also going to put in more options on its ARkit which it debuted back when it launched the iOS 11. As of the last update, you could only use horizontal surfaces for placing AR objects. With the iOS 11.3,  Apple has given you varied usage of AR tools which will let you make use of vertical surfaces. This could include anything from objects such as walls and doors and the floor to objects such as tables, chairs to accurately map your surroundings.

Also, there have been 4 new Animoji’s that have been introduced but are, for obvious reasons only limited to iPhone X users. These four creatures are a lion, a dragon, a skull and a bear. One thing to notice is that the bear looks visually different from the panda bear Animoji that was present in iOS 11. Along with this there have been regular updates to your performance and Apple’s in-app developments.