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Apple To Launch A Foldable iPhone In The Next 2-3 Years


Apple has always been at the centerstage of smartphone innovation for quite some time. We can clearly see the trend of major manufacturers copying features that were first introduced on the iPhone.

Innovation after Innovation

The earliest example of this was when Apple introduced the very first System-on-chip architecture for processing on smartphones, and all smartphone makers later adopted the same strategy.

Then came Apple’s biometric authentication using a fingerprint reader in the iPhone 5S. Now we can see that it has become an industry norm to have a fingerprint scanner in your smartphone.

The latest example of blatant copying is the notch that was introduced by Apple on its revolutionary iPhone X. Oppo, Vivo, and Asus have already showcased notch design smartphones and it won’t be long before everyone is doing the same thing.

As such Apple, refuses to be outdone in technology and when rumors were afloat of a new Samsung phone which could have a foldable design, Apple was the very first one to file a couple of patents regarding the technology.

Foldable iPhones

A CNBC report has stated that Bank of America Merrill Lynch claims to have documents about partners working with the Cupertino-based tech giant to make this foldable iPhone. Though the report has not specified who these partners are, it is believed that most of them would be Asian.

Analysts have said that though this year Apple will launch a new range of iPhone products with OLED displays, in the next two to three years we can expect a foldable design in the iPhone. People have pointed out that this could in fact be the future of mobile computing and that the shift was quite eminent.

The competition between smartphone makers is centered around introducing as much screen as possible on the smallest footprint. The APEX phone from Vivo managed to create a 97 percent screen to body ratio. Apple meanwhile will be looking to create a new design with this foldable iPhone. Apple has been very clear on its stance of innovation in products even though it might charge very high for them.

The foldable iPhone could perhaps be the biggest change the company has brought to its signature product since they removed the notch from the iPhone. However, one must understand that when we say foldable smartphones it does not mean that the display can bend in any manner.

It means that that the screen can be folded using hinges, similar to that of a laptop. This would, in fact, give the smartphone an ample amount of screen space while reducing the footprint of the device. Basically, it will be a foldable tablet. But can Apple pull it off before Samsung or someone same push out their device beforehand? We will have to wait and see.