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More Apple Apps To Land On Android Smartphones!


There are certain applications on the Apple devices which seem to be the centre of attraction for many Android users. However, not all Apple apps are available on the play store of Android devices. This is because of their user interface and other essentials required for the functioning. But the idea of being able to get more Apple apps on your Android smartphones is indeed good news.




It was only last year that the Apple apps were made widely available on Android phones. However, going by the announcements made by Tim Cook recently, making Apple music available for Google play was just a way to observe how well does it work in sync on a different outlook. This clearly indicates that more Apple apps will soon be diverted towards Android smartphones. (Sell Old Smartphones)

The services which are inclusive of mails, notes, and reminders etc, which form the iCloud services, have got a makeover along with the iCloud photo library. These could be the basics from where the start can be marked. iMessage is yet another application which would prosper really well if brought to Android smartphones.




This would basically allow the users to make use of their Mac and iPads in sync with their smartphones. Apple Pay is completely integrated for the Apple devices (Sell Your Old iPhone Here) along with the whims and fancies of their security issues. Thus, the difference of software and hardware might cause a problem in having Apple pay for Android platforms as well.




The question that now arises is how Apple apps will provide a base of use for the applications made available for Android smartphones. The iCloud for example will face a lot of issues when compared to the Google cloud services. Though both Google and Microsoft aim at allowing their apps and services on all major platforms, seeing Apple function in a manner similar to that as a competitor would surely raise many of those eyebrows.



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